I know it may seem like I'm talking about races, but I'm from from that. I pose a question are we people of God prejudice. Do we all obey the commandment, LOVE ONE ANOTHER. By saying that do we love the unbelievers, and belivers of Christ? Do we love the sinners, and unsinners? Do we love the unsaved folks, as well as the saved folk? I mean really think about it, are you prejudice. When Jesus walk the earth he had love for everybody, no discrimination what so ever, but see we have gotten ahead of ourselves. Don't you realized before you were an unbeliver you were a sinner, and not saved. Now that we are saved what gives us the right to leave the people as some put it, "not on my level" below us. They still have soul People of God. You preach to the same people sunday after sunday, occassion after occassion, and yet you get no new member, no one new to minister to. The church is not in the building anymore, its outside the church. The soul that walk pass the church is whats thirsting after Christ, and yet we see, and do nothing about, we need to reach out to them. It disturbs me greatly to sit and fellowship with churches, and peoples walk in off the street, seeking for help. But don't truly recieve it, they come the same way they came, with something extra on the mind to tell other sinners, and thats a bad report. If you have the annionting of God, and faith they lives should change right then and their. Instead of them coming in, and the congregation gossping about how they look, smell, just judging, for God said judge no man, what wrong with showing love to them. what wrong with taking them by the hand, and offering them to sit with you, so you all can enjoy the service together, but its not happening, they need more than just prayer, they need love, hospitality, a sense of concern by the people who call themselves Christians. So I say again are you prejudice?, if you are you need to clean it up, because as you do away with a vaulable soul for the father, the same will he do to you. Besides if you loving one another you won't have time to be prejudice! Because Godly loves is for black, whites, mixed, and other orgins, and cultures through out the world. So I say again look at yourself, for you know yourself asGod knows, and ask am I prejudice? Because believe it or not someone is always watching and the world is small, so don't be surprise if your openly rebuked in the church, for openly rebuke, is better than secret love(PROVERBS).

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Agreed, most folx have turned to be "followers of Christ" into a dogmatic religion instead of a relationship with Christ. We say He is Lord and Savior, but really most only believe He is just our Savior while leaving out that He's our Lord. What does that mean? For example, Jesus is both Savior and Lord (Luke 2:11), and no true believer would ever dispute that.
"Savior" and "Lord" are separate offices, but we must be careful not to partition them in a way that we end up with a divided Christ.

There are those who would have us to believe that the norm for salvation is to accept Jesus as Savior without yielding to HIm as Lord. They make the incredible and ridiculous claim that any other teaching amounts to a false gospel "because it subtly adds works to the clear and simple condition set forth in the Word of God." They have tagged the view they oppose "Lordship salvation". Lordship salvation, defined by one who labels it heresy, is "the view that for salvation a person must trust Jesus Christ as his Savior from sin and must also commit himself to Christ as Lord of his life, submitting to His sovereign authority."

The fact is, "Lord" does mean "God". It means "God who rules". No one who comes for salvation with genuine faith, sincerely believing that Jesus is the eternal, almighty sovereign God, will willfully reject His authority. True faith is not lip service. Our Lord Himself pronounced condemnaton on those who worshiped him with their lips but not with their lives (Matthew 15:7-9). He does not become anyone's Savior until that one receives HIm for who He is--LORD of all (Acts 10:36)

You mention about prejudice, but in reality there are within the Christian community, two classes of Christians. Believers only, and true Disciples. Many who hold this position discard the evangelistic intent of virtually every recorded invitation of Jesus, saying those aply to discipleship, not to salvation.

Are we to believe that when Jesus told the multitudes to deny themselves (Luke 14:26), to take up a cross, and forsake all and follow Hiim, His words had no meaning whatsoever for the unsaved people in the crowd? How could that be true of One who said He came not to call the righteous but sinners? (Matthew 9:13)

The call to Calvary must be recognized for what it is: A call to DISCIPLESHIP under the LORDSHIP of Jesus the Christ. To respond to that call is to become a believer. Anything less is simply unbelief.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ explicit and unequivaocally rules out easy believism. To make all of our Lord's difficult demands aplyy only to a higher class of Christians blunts the force of His entire message. It makes room for a cheap and meaningless faith, a faith that may be exercised with absolutely no impact on the fleshly life of sin. That is not saving faith. We who follow the suffering Christ are to deny ourselves for the Kingdom sake and to preach the Gospel of Faith to a lost and dying world to bring hope, deliverance and the free gift of salvation. We are not called as monks to be merely involve ourselves in monasteries (churches) of dead bones. WE are commanded by our LORD to be the salt of the earth! We are commanded by our Lord to "Go Ye Therefore and make DISCIPLES of all NATIONS", we are to "Look up for the Harvest is ripe and ready for the reaping", we are to "Be FISHERS OF MEN", we are commanded by our LORD to be "Witnesses BOTH in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the UTTER MOST PARTS OF THE WORLD", WE ARE COMMANDED BY OUR LORD TO "GO TO THE HIWAYS AND BIWAYS AND TO INVITE THOSE TO THE FEAST WITH THE LORD", WE ARE COMMANDED BY OUR LORD TO "SEEK AND TO SAVE THAT WHICH IS LOST" as Christ Jesus says, "IS THE SLAVE GREATER THAN THE MASTER?" We have been commanded by our Lord to remember those "In BONDS (PRISON) AND TO VISIT THEM AS IF WE ARE IN BONDS WITH THEM"!! We are commanded by our LORD to "DO THE WORK OF AN EVANGELIST"......

The reason why we are not following the commands of Christ is because He is not LORD of our lives, just our SAVIOR!


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