There is a strong wind blowing and God is preparing to sweep His radical Spirit filled and Spirit led endtime generals, captains, lieutenants,, sargents and soilders into the fore-front of this world system.Get ready....while God is blowing by His wind, the wind of the Spirit, He will also be blowing folks out of positions of leadership and authority. Those who have had hindering spirits(folks) hindering their minisitries, businesses and projects from going forward. God is about to deal with them like never before. As God is moving behind the scenes, do what you must do on your end to deal with hindering spirits(folks) pray them out or pray them up. Not many days hence, you will begin to see the hand of God move on your behalf.

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well said
Pastor Samuels,
I say, "Amen!!!" For years, folks in the church have said, "I've been in the way for such and such years." YHWH is now saying that this is true and is moving out what is not producing His fruit. This spirit has been a stumbling block and sometimes a gated wall much like Jericho. Nevertheless, the Ruach is here! While it may be silent to many, those of us who have an ear to hear know it to be sound like a still small voice until the rumble comes nigh. Some leaders are falling to their deaths in the pulpits, but the "church" remains silent about it. Some leaders are experiencing tragedies from which they will never recover because of their refusal to humble themselves, pray, and turn from their wicked ways.

For a long time, YHWH has been telling me to move away from this pit that I'm in. Otherwise, that for which I have been created cannot come to pass. So, I took some necessary steps last weekend to do so. I have experienced just what you stated, "Not many days hence, you will begin to see the Hand of God move on your behalf." I have a new career, a strong mentor, and a new place to call home...and all in one day!!! YHWH is faithful to His promises...we have to be faithful to Him. Thank you for the words.


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