As We Watched The Death Of Whitney Houston & Others Are We Properly Adressing Drug Usage.

Drug usage is so rampant to include Pastors, Professing Christians , Our Youth & The demise of many of our  People that have accomplished fame & fortune. Families & Communities are being destroyed and The Church is not properly addressing and offering information & assistance for this major problem. We tend to cover up when People  are destroyed & die because of there addictions.

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We As The Church Must Address Concerns Affecting Our People & Communities.

Whitney Houston, as many other actors, entertainers, polticians etc... are MK Ultra Mind Control victims. Also most of them sold their souls for fortune and fame, and have a hard time sleeping because of the voices. We dismiss them as crazy, but if we take a closer look we can see that this is a culture and not some freak accident. Why do these rich and famous people die of drug overdoses? It is because they are satanic, and they want the voices to stop. 

The love of money is the root of ALL evil


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