Luke 10:38-42


As believers do we know where we are in the Lord?  Are you busy going around doing the things you think will impression our Lord or are you doing the things that will please Him.  Have you heard from Him. do you know what it means to be at His feet? 

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The thot is very profound because at the end of the day Our master will only recognise the things he has authorised. It is not about us it is about him and for his Glory
When we are at His feet it gives us a chance to be filled with his fragrance, a chance to rest in His presence, to be filled with His peace and calmness, a chance to gain renewed strength , to gain knowledge and wisdom and to find our direction.

When we are at the feet of the Master there is every chance we will carry is anointing with us in our walk, talk and action.
Angela let me tell you what I know about being at the feet of the MASTER when at his feet there is so much comfort. The need to do anything else but please him is present. You feel your Unworthy to even have this opportunity to be in his presences. Then you experience the feeling of helplessness needing him wanting what ever he has to offer; you become more concerned about his will and what you can do. Yet the desire to learn from him increases greatly as though you can not get enough of him. The desire to change grows in you; the willingness to give up all you have, all you have held on to just to be pleasing to him. Being at the MASTER feet is a whole other dimension of worship because you tap into a place of holiness that is maximized to a place of righteousness that we can live purely by Gods commands. Thanks for sharing Angela you always have wonderful topics
Thanks Sister Tara. I agree with all you said and more. Foremost and above all we should desire to be at the Masters feet; because at the feet of the Master we enter into a place of stillness, a place of rest. In His presence we can forget our cares, and a chance to be fed, to be nutured and mentored. At His feet we learn to focus on our priories as we find ourself.

I went thru a time when I had to learn what this means. Then when some growth came, I realised each new "level" becomes a foundation to the next. God alone gives increase, and true increase is spiritual vs material (material things perish, rust, fall fade). Spiritual things are everlasting. To sit at His feet is to be anointed. (As you know) "anointed" means "to rub off on". Sitting at His feet he is literally rubbing Himself off on us. As a result of this equipping, he sends us out to meet needs (he gave gifts to men eph 4) By exercising the gifts facilitated by the anointing there is growth, evidenced by maturing in the gifts and calling and execution of the same. This [to me] represents true promotion. Yet, every step of the way God must be allowed to lead. Children are under tutors and governors until the time appointed by the Father, but even adult children have opportunity to glean advice, wisdom and insight born of years of experience from their aging parents. So it is with even mature believers in Christ. we still wait patiently on the Lord, and ideally only get up and go when He says to do so.
Toni thank you, I am glad you have experience sitting at the Master's feet, I sincerely believe until we arrive at His feet we have not truly started our spiritual journey. Every believer need to sincerely desire to reach the place when we enter into His rest, and becomes as a baby totally dependent upon his lead, knowing from there we have no need to worry because our steps will be ordered


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