Praise the Lord, everybody!

I posted this discussion not with a made-up mind, but with an open mind because I have a teachable spirit. But, I also believe that the Word of God is first and final in authority and I am going to believe what God says despite what I think and feel, because He will have the last says so..

Now, we have been traditionally taught, at least in the Pentecostal/Holiness/Apostolic sector of Christianity (so sad I have to put it like that, but that's the way it is), and even in some non-denominational Churches, that you CAN, if you're not careful, prayerful, living holy, submitting to the power of God, YOU CAN eventually backslide back into sin and eventually into the world.. The Old saints used to tell me when I first came up, "baby, if you dont watch out for this devil, you can lose it (your salvation), as quick as you got it". Now, the problem is not with THE HOLY GHOST'S Power to keep you, but you submitting to His indwelling in you, and submitting to His authority over your life! But, the issue is not whether or not you can backslide and fall from the faith because the Bible makes that indication clear, but the issue is we have been teaching that He's married to the backslider based on Jeremiah 3:14.. but I'm concerned.. because although we know the Word doesnt contradict itself.. there are 3 other Scriptures I want to mention them...

*Luke 9:62 -- He that puts his hand to the plow, and looks back is not fit for the kingdom of God...
*Hebrews 6:4-6 -- "... having tasted of the heavenly gift and then turn back, it's impossible for him to renewed again to repentance..."
*Hebrews 10:26-29 -- "... if we sin willfully, after knowing the truth... there remains no sacrifice for sins"

Can someone please help me understand this, because it sounds to me that we might be teaching something opposite to what the Word of God says about "backslidding"... maybe the Scripture in Jeremiah was to Israel, but of course that was BEFORE the Blood of Christ was shed, and now that there has been a sacrifice for sins made, that very well could have changed how God views repentance.. that once it is made, and taken back, there is no restoration thereafter... but I am open to all spiritual and biblically based views on this.. because I need clarity. I care not what you think, what you have been told, how you feel, what your denomination teaches, but let's stay with the Book... God bless..

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I'm going to read this and respond when I'm off work but are you a hebrew israelite?

No sir.
Let me ask this - how would you describe the brother in the church in Corinth who committing fornication with his father's wife? The church was instructed to turn him over to the devil.
When the person knowingly and continues on his transgressions is out of the will of God you can't say yeah i believe the lord Jesus and there not be a change in the person's lifestyle. After one is born-again he /she still has to continue in His word in obedience.
James 4:17 (King James Version)

17Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.




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