When you identify yourself as a "Prophet" or Prophetess" and you manipulate people to do YOUR will...you are practicing WITCHCRAFT! God is very aware of your activities and you need to repent!

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Of course I do....however TOO many false prophets are merchandising the anointing! I am a Pentecostal Preacher, have been one almost 30 years, I HAVE seen the gifts operate in MY MINISTRY...I have also seen a LACK of integrety in too many pulpits!
BTW the people are gifted ONLY because GOD gives the GIFTS.....It aint US it's HIM!
Many of today's most prominent preachers would be labeled heretics hundreds of years ago because MOST clergymen were devout Theologians and serious students of scripture. Today ordination papers and licenses are given to anyone that says they are called to preach. I agree that being Spirit-filled and called is the first priority of being a preacher, but ALSO there has to be training…SERIOUS TRAINING! A lack of understanding of just the basic Bible doctrines of the faith can lead to the types of abuses I am talking about. Martin Luther was able to stand up to the lies of Rome because he was filled with the knowledge of the truth. I am a Pentecostal preacher, I believe in the Charismatic Gifts of the Spirit, but that doesn't negate the fact that we must have a scholarly approach to the scriptures and its teachings.
Amen my brother this is not said enough.


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