Yeshua has done redefined what was thought in regard to being "good" . To a pharisee staying morally pure involved ( among many other things) only having sex with your wife. But Yeshua took it one step further .. to even look at another woman and think about having sex with her was defined in God's eyes as adultery. ( And since God is the ultimate judge ... seems to me it is the only idea that matters)
And murder?? According to Yeshua , equals keeping your mouth shut when you are upset with some one especially that little old lady that cut you off.
"Any one that says you fool ( idiot, moron, niincompoop, lamebrain .. I could go on) . is in danger of Hell Fire ! ( Matthew 5:22) I'm not making this stuff up you know!! Yeshua said it means we got to do it!
Oh come on Daniel .. if I cant say that little stuff what hope have I got since some days I say worse ?? No one can be saved then! Which was precisely the point.
No one on their own merit, no amount of studying, all the smiles, bows, thank yous won't put a penny in the bank of salvation come resurrection morning! Every one is a goof up ! ( Rom 3: 23)
Our sweet Lord ( not the Hindu guy Lennon was singing about) is perfect you see. And one must hit the bulls eye
100 % of the time, even if one is standing on top of it, or a million miles away! Woops that isn't it either. After you get the bulls eye once you now must ruin out twice as far, shoot one arrow, hit the bulls eye again, splitting the first arrow, perfectly in two. If you don't in archery you have sinned ( missed the mark).
Lets try a little imaginary illustration now. Lets see God is standing one one side of the Grand Canyon ! ( 10 miles wide.. one mile deep.) and you are on the other side, trying to jump across. Now a person that has trained for the Olympics ( will I get sued now for using the word) will go farther than us who did not! But even if we all line up , Carl Lewis who won 4 gold medals for the long jump would still only be the last to die!
But we keep trying.! Get back on the curb and rationalize our "Godliness" with the words "I'm not as bad as ... ( fill in your favorite named person) It is as though we were addicted to self effort! Yet we still keep on trying to over come our own sin!
Maybe we should stop sleeping in those pews, and take some time to listen to what our master is saying ...
.. the gift of God is eternal life" Gift ! Free ! ( Say the word free and food together how much room is in your church ??)
Just a thought !

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