There are several benefits: You are eligible to receive grants- In most instances you do not pay franchise,state corporate income tax and sales tax- You can offer donors a tax deduction for their charitable donations-You are eligible for lower postal rates. Lastly, becoming a 501c3 identifies that your church or non-profit organization is compliant with the state and IRS.

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The negatives of 501c3 are that in order to qualify one has to agree with all the laws of the US. I mean if one is concerned about wars or abortion or any of those things, in having and 501c3 it is being in agreement with the government.Since it's start the IRS has tried to control the church and ministers, which it does with the 501c3. Disagree they can take the property and anything else they want, unless you have the money to pay the taxes on it all.


Also in the 501c3 one cannot support a candidate or endorse a political part, which means that if you find a person of God in politics you can not support them either on the pulpit or financially.


If we look at history in Nazi Germany for example or even in Israel, the way the Romans got into Israel is that Israel or the leaders entered covenant with Rome. In Germany the church entered covenant with the Nazi's. The point of which, which may just be a belief, but once the church enters covenant with the enemy, God has to step back, because He honors all the covenants we make, even the bad ones.



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