Many false prophets simply point people to themselves. Their covetousness manifests itself in a desire for power, influence, control, prestige, or importance—the antithesis of being poor in spirit, meek, pure in heart, and mourning over their ungodly weaknesses. The true prophet does not draw attention to himself but to God. If a prophet or teacher spends a great deal of time talking about himself, He is a false prophet, Jesus said HE must be lifted up.

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Thank you!
Well, is there some spiritual training that a person could receive. I hear all of these right and wrong ways to walk in the prophetic calling but I came from a crazy church. They did not like to validate any callings. God told my pastor I had a special anointing and that he needed to talk to me about my anointing. That man avoided me until I eventual left the church.

The Pastoral cannot raise a Prophet, just like a toe cannot be taught to eat like a mouth. They are two totally different functions, though ministers of the same GOD. For the Prophet to be trained properly in that office, one must sit under either Apostles or Prophet(ess)s. They speak the same language.
Last I checked, prophets or prophetess were called by God. This is a heavenly gift given by the Holy Ghost and you simply cannot be properly trained by any man. This is a God thing. What you are saying is no different than those churches that teach people how to speak in tongues.

I guess this is why we see so many prophets & prophetess springing up because they are being taught, By Man? Their prophecies, in most cases, are not even prophecies at all, but blanket statements that can be applied to the masses. I have witnessed in my time both true prophecies and well as false prophecies. People should be very careful going around calling themselves this and their gift not lining up with what the scripture says.
The primary purpose of a prophet or prophetess is to WARN God's people and lead people to holiness. Now days a "prophet" is nothing more than a "holy ghost horoscope" giving people "words" they want to hear.
It is my belief that many are not being very wise, giving the times we are living in. We are in the last days and more so now than any other time, people are calling themselves prophet. I have received a message of warning directly from GOD regarding my own life as well as others. God directly warned me of a particular person that wanted to rob me and my family a full month before it happened. When that situation came upon us my husband and I already knew what to do. In other instances God has given me messages or warnings to give to others as well. But you will never hear me calling myself a prophetess.

You have some that will predict the sun will shine tomorrow and if it happens they run to the first print shop and add prophet to their business cards. Now I am not knocking all that call themselves this, because I know God is truly working through some, but most you see today are simply ego tripping.
The primary purpose was NOT to just be a "walking warning label", or to lead people to holiness. The primary purpose of the Prophetic was to express GOD's heart and creativity to the world, and to not only give clear communication between GOD and man, but to teach man how to communicate with GOD on a personal level. When the people were not in error, the Prophetic office and gifting were still operating. This is proven by scripture.

You only mentioned ONE aspect of the Prophetic, Bro. Mark, ONLY ONE.
And just what might the others be brother, because I don't see expression of God's creativity to the world as one of them. And if the prophet was indeed expressing God's heart in this day and time, I believe there would be more warnings and less blessing.

Promising cars, houses, jobs and promotions is not prophetic. Especially, when many of the people to whom these promises are made are living in sin. You have made the office of a Prophet and the gift of prophecy to be some glorified simplistic form of self elevation.
Actually, the blessings of the LORD DID come from the mouths of Prophets back then my dear friend. GOD STILL blesses people, just not everyone you see is actually speaking the Word of GOD. Don't bunch the real ones up with the fake and say "kill em all and let GOD sort em out"!

You have made the office of the Prophet a self elevating office by saying no man can validate it.
No man can validate it. Are you saying that one man can appoint another as a Prophet with God actually calling them? If so then you need to read what the scripture says about Prophets & false prophets.
I said PRIMARY purpose NOT only purpose

Though they are called by GOD, NO MAN gets ordained on their own. All ministers are in need of training. Simply "talking to GOD" is not enough, for there are many aspects that have to be considered. JESUS was fully GOD, and everyone knows this, but you tend to keep your head in the clouds so much that you can forget that HE was also FULLY MAN. He being a man trained up the Apostles, an the Apostles trained others as well, hence the term DISCIPLESHIP. ALL SAINTS ARE DISCIPLES. It has happened that Apostles and Prophets went without a formal trainer, but not often; rare in fact. Amos, Moses, Enoch, Paul are but a few. Timothy & Titus were trained by Paul, the Twelve trained by JESUS, Elisha trained by Elijah, Joshua trained by Moses, Jeremiah was raised up in the temple by his father the High Priest (Note: the High Priest was considered a Prophet as well, and all were trained), and John the Baptist can say the same for his father was a priest.

The list can go on because I haven't even began to speak on the School of Prophets......


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