Well now here I am, 56 in Georgia and I feel very isolated. Something is not right. I have this Love relationship with Jesus and I move in the dance like a very, very young woman, but I feel unsure about what I am to do. I guess everyone will say, well just dance, but I feel so sluggish, and I have no sense of direction. I try praying, but I may do that for maybe one night out a week, then I stop. I hear God's voice, and He contines to tell me that I will be seen by the nation. Some one, anyone pray for me. Is there anyone else that feels as I do?

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Thankyou, Rev. Luckett for your encouragement and your prayers it is very much appreciated.

Ivory Jewell
i have heard of this love relationship with jesus and prophetic dancing in a loving way towards god now i don't want to discourage you about this but you should do some research about this there are things going on that was and still happening in this prophetic movement that has no thing to do with god these pagan type of dancing, marrying jesus. shaking motions, holy laughing and jerks are not of god the devil had entered in and deceived the people of god using false wonders and signed if you have this it is not of god and one reason your feeling the way you are is because of that don't be deceived my sister by this true enough it is a demon spirit that has enter you if you don't believe me test god pray and ask the lord if this dancing is not from you then take it from you. the church is under many deceptions today and you need to beware those prophetic groups like the call ,IHOP ,and the others have gotten of track and leading people the wrong way and this what your talking about is happening all over these demon spirits are being released at these conferences my sister careful of these teachings. P.s None of these experiences line up with what the bible teaches study his word to see for your self. if you have any questions about this e-mail streetertara@yahoo.


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