Q1. Can you list the Seven Spirits which are to come that are referred to in Revelation 1:4?

Q2. One of Job’s three friends namely Eliphaz of Temanite has five son. Can you name the sons?

Q3. We know in the New Testament that Christ our Saviour was battered, bruise and torn for our sakes but can you tell me how Christ was struck and who repeatedly struck Him in the Old Testament?

Q4. There are 7 things listed in the New Testament that Christians should abstain from. Can you list all 7?

Q5. There are three instructions in the New Testament for us in the way of ‘Asks’. What are they?

Q6. There are 7 things listed in the New Testament that Christians need to avoid. What are they?

Q7. In the New Testament the scriptures list 2 things that we Christians should awake to. What are they?

Q8. Not including the resurrection of Jesus. Can you list the other 6 cases that were resurrected from the dead by Jesus, Peter, Paul and others of the New Testament?

Q9. What are the 10 ways that God uses to visit us (man)?

Q10. What are the 3 Kinds of Death listed in the New Testament Scriptures?

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Hi Robynne I am not confirming whether your answers are correct or in correct at present as the closing date is someway off but am suggesting that you have enough time to go through the questions again and attempt to answer the ones left blank and take note of the following in Q3 I have not ask for Scripture I have ask for the manner in which Christ was struck and the name of the person who strike him. Q8 I ask for a list of 6 not 3. Oh by the way this may assist you in deciding which answer you want to leave in Q1 as you have suggested several. The thumb of rule if you remember the Old Testament and New Testament is very much connected and one is the shadow of things not seen which is revealed in the other. For instance Jesus and His 12 Disciple is represented by Jacob and His 12 sons. So you may very well not find the list of spirit in one Testament but find it in the other.
no apology necessary , and I would say you are biblically astute because none others have attempted. My Sister youhave done well never doubt


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