we as saint, are we pressing for breakthrough or breakdown?

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So why is it that we would need to change the wording ? And how is your comment relevant to the question that as asked. Forums are for you to reply concerning the topic and answer question associated with the topics, or just read and dont comment at all. Instead of telling us how you feel personally man, how about telling us " Are we pressing towards Deliverance or Breakdown " Does that sound better, it means just the same but the answer should have stayed the same if you were to answer this man. Please next time. Lets not be ignorant to the fact of why forums are posted, and lets respond revelantly and not ignorantly. Nothing Personal .... thanks
Sorry to state the obvious, but the breakthrough came already. We are victorious, we have the victory, the battle was won by Christ 2000 years ago, now we are more than conquers we are overcomers by the precious blood of the Lamb. What more can God give to us? He has given us everything already.
Yes, true enough we already have the victory, but the true question is How many are operating like we have already obtained it. We have some who mumble, grumble, and complain as if we don't have the victory. Thats where standing on the word of God comes in, If we truly have the victory then we should operate in it, and know that the battle has already be won instead of giving signs that we truly dont believe it. The lord just doesn't wnt us to say we believe it verbally, but by our actions. Bless God !! AMEN
Think of it like this, when the children of Israel was released out of the hands of Pharoah and are now at the red sea, we see that when the army is coming afther them we see a form of panic and confusion. When God gave Moses the instructions to put the staff into the water and see them cross over and God close the water and kill pharoh and his armies, if you notice the first thing they did was rejoice once they knew they was delivered out of the hands of Pharoh and his armies, now if you contiune to read you will later find out that while they are wondering the wilderness for the 40 years, you will begin to see a shifting in attitudes. The begin to murmur and complain. Why, one when they first went through the desert the first go around they had water and no bread, the secon go around they had water and no bread, not only that but thet also refused to obey the man of God that was put there to lead them into the place of promise. So the only reason that most of the people that come to church looking for a breakthrough, and leave broken is becaus they refuse to hear the man of God and recieve the word that God is trying to allow them to hear.
God Bless
Yes by our actions..Amen.

The children of Israel problem was simply that they did not believe God. They preferred to believe their temporal cirucmstances and emotions. However we live by faith not by sight!!

We are called to humble ourselves before the Lord, and I believe true humility is agreeing with God and what He says about us. Regardless of what we are experiencing emotionally, physically or circumstantially. We must believe what God says about us, not what we feel or think about ourselves.

We are the righteousness of God, holy, blameless, accepted and beloved, even when we don't think it, feel it, or look like it all the time! We still are.

So when we humble ourselves and come into agreement with God, and start to believe what the Almighty, Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnibenevolent God says; God will inevitably produce in us, to bear and hold out to others, the sweet, sweet fruit of the Spirit.
But that is the problem today, Not every body believes, Theya are only looking for a quick fix, anything that would help them get out of the situation, anything that would bring them through the storm without really reckognizing the true anointing that was behind that release. So we as children of God have to instill in them the knowledge to fully understand the process of truly believing the word, and knowing fully that God is here to heal to protect not to expose and destroy.
God Bless
Hi Antionne

Yes that is true, no not everyone believes, and when you speak of people not believing, I am assuming that you are not speaking of the saints, but in fact reprobates (unsaved).

So we as children of God have to instill in them the knowledge to fully understand the process of truly believing the word, and knowing fully that God is here to heal to protect not to expose and destroy.

I believe what you have stated above is the Lord's work, not our own, we are called to preach in season and out of season, we are to hold out the word of life to people, the marvellous wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, before they have become new creations, we cannot instill into them full understanding of the Word,. That is the work of the Holy Spirit, that is divine revelation for the flesh cannot discern that which is spiritual.

God does heal and protect, but firstly He exposes the sin, and He looks to destroy the work of the flesh, by our death and resurrection into Christ.

This is truely what people dislike about the Gospel, it exposes their sin, it makes people take a long hard look at themselves and no one person, likes to be told that they are sinful, rotten to the core people that need saving.

However, as saints and children of God, we are joined to and encompassed into the Godhead, Thank you Jesus, and as I said in my previous post, we are called to humble ourselves before God, and therefore believe Him !

I understand what your talking about, but what i am talking about is Faith, even the saved who are not strong enough to with stand the attack of the enemy my feel broken, destroyed and wounded, but we(meaning the saints with power) should make it our priority to build the faith and build the confidence that no weapon no form of attack that is against them shall prosper. We have to lift up and standard and press forth under the anointing of God.
Amen brother.
You have a shepherd's heart.
Our faith is our shield and when our faith is exercised through trials and tribulations and fiery darts of the enemy it grows stronger and bigger and then we can use it to protect and shelter others. Whilst at the same time, because faith comes by hearing, and by hearing the word of God, they need feeding the Word, milk first, then meat, so in understanding they become men.

Every blessing to you.
Bless you,
that is the only way that God can tell how much we truly believe and stand by his word. If there was no trials and tribulations and demonic asttacks there would be no covering, there would be no anointing, in other words it would be as if Adam and Eve have never sinned against God, and the whole proccess that got us here has never even happened. Why do I say that, because failure to believe and listen to God's word started with Adam and Eve after they ate of the fruit even after God TOLD them not to eat of the fruit, the begginning. They believe that if they ate of the fruit, they would be like God, and when they ate and saw that they were naked, both natural and spiritual. They had a chance to look at themselves an was not pleases with what they saw. Today's time people are not pleased with what they see in themselves so they allow themselves to be decoded by the enemy and broken down until they are so ashamed that they don't know what to do with themselves.


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