What is wrong with the men and women of the clergy today? We don't support one another, don't know how to stand together in anything, and love to keep our mouths on each other without helping one another.

It is one thing to point out the wrong of your brother and sister but it's another thing to point it out and then help them get up and on their way!

Why is it that Pastor's invite everyone to their events but can not support other Pastor's when they have an event? Is it that we feel that we only support those that we are close to, the ones that supply us with benefits that we(sorry, meant to say the church) can enjoy?

I tell you most Pastor's etc. hate to take a back seat and let someone else go forth. We have made the church a competition we each other instead of a battle for souls and to teach the people how to survive. We the church have bowed down to this government for a tax exempt credit but at what price?

We the church have brought division among God's house and have the nerves to say that we all walk in the LOVE of God! My question to the church is... what god are you follow if that is what you call the love of God?

For we cannot come together as one for thinking that another is going to take/steal a member from you. First off, who gave you the right to claim something that is not yours in the first place! These are God's children not yours, He just saw fit for you to oversee them. However, we are all of one family, no better yet, as the Word of God says... "One Body"

.... more to come on the matter!

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Thank you!

In too many cases, churches have become just a another business, in competition with other like businesses - like between GM, Ford. Honda, etc. We are after a market share. Satan has not fractured the body of Christ - we have.
Far too true, Bro. Bowman. Far too true......
Brother Sanders - Loved your insight!

One thing I have noticed over the years is that it is every difficult to find a man who is willing to die for their faith, and it is even harder to find a man who is willing to live his faith.
That is the problem with the church now. All we want to do is overlook things that we know are not of God! My question to those who feel that way would be this...

Where would we be if Abraham Lincoln overlooked slavery? Where would we be if Martin Luther King overlooked unequal rights? Where would we be if Rosa Parks was overlooked? etc. More important, Where would we be if Jesus overlooked the fall of Adam and Eve?

See today's society, I mean church, have gotten just that spirit of "lets just overlook it", "just sweep it under the rug and it will go away." A lot of the problems of today wouldn't be if the church kept it's influence on the world, instead we have allowed the world to have the influence on the church. Everything that goes on in and with the church now have left the standards of our Lord and Saviour and have took on the image of the world.
The competition spirit, the corporation/business structure spirit, the dictator spirit, the I got mine you get yours spirit... I can go on and on and on! We have left the Spirit of Servanthood, submit one to another, loving one another the same way we love ourselves, look after our brothers/sister, helping one another. Simply put we have lost God's charity/love!

All we want to do is sit back and pray! This is just our excuse that we use not to do nothing. Now before you all attack my words, let me explain.

All through the Bible people did pray. Yes, the Bible tells us to pray without ceasing. Now read all that again and we all come down to "faith without works is DEAD" Now do you understand! Even when the children of Israel prayed, it was always followed with God's answers of INSTRUCTIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT/PUT INTO ACTIONS!

No, we do not need to sit back and overlook these things. But the true men and women of God who are not afraid to stand up and comfort the issues at hand that are not Biblical, need to come together as one in unity, stop fighting and talking about one another, and let their voices be heard! We are all part of the Body of Christ, with an assigned part to carry out but even as your own physical body needs to work together to carry out a pacific task... SO DOES THE BODY OF CHRIST-- THE CHURCH!!!!!!!


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