We got to get back to the name of Jesus, bcus they asked Peter and John by what name is this man healed, Acts 4:7 ... And they said be it known this day by the name of Jesus Christ is this man healed, this is the same man that was at the gate that was called "Beautiful" he was lamed,(remember) ... He asked Peter and John for alms( money) but Peter and John said Silver in Gold have I none but in the name of JESUS rise up and walk, and the lame man got up and marvelled and gave God praise.


If we can properly use the name people will be healed and delivered from all matter of sins, but as Rev. Shawn Tyson saids; "It aint the same without the name", we pray in his name! claim money in his name, stomp our toe we call his name, but we don't baptized in his name- Wow and why? the bible is talking about the coming of Jesus and when he finally got here people still didn't receive him, Is that whats going on in this world today, what soever we do in word or deed do all in the name of Jesus. 2Thess 5


Acts 2:38, Rom 6:1-5 talked about everybody being baptized in Jesus name so our sins can be washed away, Jesus came to save his people from the their sins Matt 1:21


Use the name of Jesus if you want your Church to be Powerful and to grow, money won't help it


your servant; Rev. James Williams

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