Before anyone judge my discussion Title, Please hear my heart.

God spoke to me and told me that he was calling me off my job. That was ok with me because I didn't think he meant soon.
So I continued working, It was in Aug. 2008 when I received a phone call stated that my job assignment had ended. Sine then I haven't been able to find a Job at all. I have NO Money, No Income at all. I AM BROKE! However I know what God's Word says..But nothing has Manifested YET. I not able to give or anything.
Has anybody else been here, or still there? Please share with me how you survived it...

S. Jamont Flagg, Pastor

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Man Pastor thank you for posting this. I am going through the same thing and I know other pastor that are in the same situation. I have been in full time Minisrty for 3months now. And the bills are coming in but no income.I thought I was the only one until I opened up to others in the ministry. But be careful to who you open up to. Some will see this as" you are not called type of situation."
Pastor you are going to have to get your members involved. They going to have to have pastor ad programs, revival and so on. Sow some of that back into the ministry and use some to take care of the man of God. See what God wants you to do.
Write a book. Teach other young minister etc.Stay busy in the Lord because the enemy will becan to plant seeds of doubt in your mind.

I held a 3 day revival and it helped my in a mighty way. Open up your spirit and get busy for the Lord right NOW.

Since I have not been working I almost have my first book written.
Thank you sooooo Much for those encouraging words....
I've come too far to turn back now.....

S. Jamont Flagg, Pastor

I have lived my last 5 years like this. I have never quit a job, it just seems they always find something really simple to fire me over or the job end or whatever. I never been fired for being excessively late or breaking rules, it's always personality clashes. Leader vs leader or intimidation. Every need I have had, God has more than provided for. I've never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed beg bread. Many times my wife and I did not know what we were going to do for dinner for the kids, and God would have someone give us money, invite us for dinner. We've had people buy our kids school supplies, school clothes, we have two cars and they always have gas, we haven't missed a meal, we even get to eat out at times. He's truly a provider, I'm not balling like I would like to be, you know, but my needs are met.

I'm too unemployed and seemingly broke, if it wasn't for my wife working, we would be up a creek. I've personally decided that I'm not going to work for anyone else it never works out, I've written a book (looking for a publisher right now), I'm helping some other churches with their afterschool programs, which I'm getting a small stipen. I'm striving to use the gifts and talents I have to provide a living for my family and totally depending on God. I'm learning church doesn't pay if you don't have a congregation who is able to do that for you at this time. (If we didn't have so many small black churches maybe there could be enough money to have full staffs, you know) So along with the gospel, I'm reaching out to youth, trying to break into the motivational speaking circuit to speak to youth about Healthy Choices, HIV/AIDS, Abstinence Ed, College, Relationships and whatever else I got to do. So, get creative, you are not just a preacher but there are some talents, and insight that you have even in the natural that someone is willing to pay for. I'm also going back to school to finish, so I can have the paper so there will be no excusses to why when I meet my destiny and purpose I can't walk through the door.

Be encouraged, trust God with everything you have, trust Luke 6:38 comes to play in moments like these, because of the seeds you have sown and continue to sow (your time, energy, wisdom, knowledge and so on) God will cause men to give unto your bossom. So hold on, it's a season that you will come through on top. I know a lot of Pastor's here in my city that drive cabs, we have to do what we have to do to survive. aparently you're not a pimp type preacher from the streets of hussle, our type, season is coming. I'll be praying for you.

Yours truly;

Pastor Antoine Roston
This was truly heart felt...
Thank you very much....

P.S. Not looking for a hand out, but a Pull up from those who understand where I am coming From...
Peace & Favor
S. Jamont Flagg
Baby boy!!!!!! Remember Moses was raised in the palaces of Egypt,in the very shadow and shade of the pyramids.......and he went from Prince!!!! to Poor...tending sheep in the valley of Midian for his father-in-law Jethro.......but my brother there is revelation here...check it out......what better place could Moses have been "practicing"tending "sheep"before he led anddddd....."shephered"God's people"Did not God say to Moses when he got to the Red Sea:"Stretch out your rod" boy you got a "rod"and it's in your "hands".....Did'nt you say you play "organ".....that's your "rod"Doc.....some church where you at...need that "rod"you got in your hand.Doc as I write this to you right now....I'm broker than the Ten Commandments....but I ain't worrried.....and here's where I'm going with it.....IF!!!!!God put you out there.....He will take care of you........see we want what God got for us in "our time"God is not bound by conventional time,and space,...your blessing is already there...God put it there while you was in the womb.......and since God is so far ahead of us...we will always have to "catch up" to what's already there.....get out of the survival mode...and get into the "conquering"mode..cause you are MORE!!!!!than a conqueror......Bless Ya
Woman of God,
All is well... I'm in transition and waiting for the process to end.
My Bible tells me to pray with ceasing, and that's what I'm doing.
Philppians 1:6 tells me to Be Confident. What God started, He will finish!

God has allowed people to sow into my life to sustain me.
It's kinda like how the raven fed the man of God.
God always has a back up plan while your blrssing is in route....
thanks for your encouraging word and prayers.
My Brother,
The one thing I hear everyone is saying is "What about the finances?" The only difference between a compliant and a compliment is "ME". Don't tell me how the bills are due and you don't know where the money is coming from, tell us how has your ministry grown? Maybe God took you from the job because it became your God? I notice from day one of Full-Time minstry that my dedicated time to God has increase and my minstry is growing. My study, devotion, sermons, lessons, and every aspect of the minsitry is growing. I stop complaining about work and started working in the Job God called me for do.

God is saying, Get busy!!!!!!!!!! If your ministry is unable to support your financial to add to the minstry that which is required to get the minstry to that point. Add more services, minstries, and get in the streets. I started visiting every member and minstering to the entire family. Set-up remote bible studies in the homes of members which they can invite family and the community to study. The impact was felt in the regular service and the members responded in the finances.

You situation might be different but the answer is still the same. Get out and work more for God. If you need, think about this.........A great Pastor in the same situation, took a job in a call center answering the phones as a suppliment to his church salary. He went from 80,000 to 25,000 but he keep working. He started lunch time bible study, invited people from work, and now he has several thousand members. The solution - look for the opportunity to minster and the work for God will provide the door for your career opportunity to be open. Any door that God opens no man can shut.

You are blessed
Pastor C
Man of God,
I receive This in Jesus Name!
S. Jamont Flagg, Pastor
My brother,
I hope that my choice of words did not come across wrong, however I'm very compassonate about this issue. It's possible to make it through this period, but it requires prayer and work. If you need some assistance regarding ideas........let me know.........Don't give up........because He has not given up on you.
Brother Pastor,
I, too, find myself in this same situation. I have gone through the roller-coaster of questions that I am not able to accept, let alone ask. I find encouragement in the life of Christ, that when He found Himself experiencing heartbreaks and heart aches, He called upon His Father, our Father. I think this is a part of what a mission life is all about. Giving our best, being obedient and yet discovering that we still feel and think that the bottom will fall out soon. That is the relative thinking, because of our limited perspective. But we must remember that God is absolute. That's when we can begin to look within ourselves and say..."Yes God I trust you." I've heard that authority is always at the mercy of POWER! We are not in control, therefore we must remain in Him. I now am waiting for the rain. I get up every morning, go to the church, pray, study, answer phone calls, visit the neighborhood and prepare myself what I believe; that God is calling me to higher things. Just start plowing and sowing and He will bring the rain.
In Christ we shall remain,
Earl Jackson Jr., Pastor
St. Louis, Mo.
Thank you 4 those encouraging words...This has been a while since I wrote this post. Truly I can report VICTORY over this issue...God came through Just Toady...I recieved a job offer...It took a while to get here, oh but i'm here..ALL PRAISE, HONOR, AND GLORY BELONG TO GOD......
Thank God...for HE IS the VICTORY IN US!


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