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Coach Elizabeth Felder is launching a FREE "Financial Freedom" Tour. The tour will provide tips and tools on how to budget, manage debt wisely and save money in this Economic Shift!

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Free Financial Workshop with Coach Elizabeth Felder 

Participants Will Learn:

  • How to Get Out and Stay Out of Debt
  • How to budget and manage debt wisely
  • How to Attract a Man Who is Finacially Able to Take Care Of Them
  • How to Start A Business
  • Where the Free Money Is to Start A Business
  • How to Save money to purchase a home, car, college etc. in this Economic Shift and so much more.....

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About Elizabeth Felder 


A native of Long Island, New York, The UnStoppable Coach - Elizabeth Felder is the President and CEO of UnStoppable, LLC, a full-service empowerment firm providing financial literacy and empowerment training. 

In addition, Elizabeth founded UnStoppable Women Who Win & Teens, an organization that helps low income youth and women learn to rebuild their lives from domestic violence and empower them for greatness.

As a speaker, Elizabeth readily draws upon her combined extensive experience from over 20 years as a Certified Human Behavioral Specialist, Corporate Law, Real Estate and Entrepreneurship. She is also an over-comer of the adversity of domestic abuse, abandonment, foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce and homelessness.

Elizabeth is also the highly acclaimed author of several books, including her best seller, UnStoppable Teen Power, UnStoppable Wealthy Women, UnStoppable Women Who Launch and UnStoppable Financial Freedom.  Her books motivate and educate people to realize their own potential to achieve greatness. 

This is a FREE National Campaign that Elizabeth Felder – The UnStoppable Coach will make available to the public.

During the “Financial Freedom Tour”, Coach Elizabeth will be visiting churches, colleges, non-profit centers and other venues nationwide offering FREE financial seminars – as well making available her latest book, UnStoppable Financial Freedom – A Step-by-Step Guide to Restoring Your Family’s Financial Health! Her new book is a toolbox full of innovative techniques that can help you become Financially Intelligent and Relationship Smart.                                             
If you would like to bring this FREE Tour to your location, please contact her office at 888.700.7195 or 


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Call 1-888-700-7195 and find out how you can bring Elizabeth Felder - Life Coach to Women to your location.

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