"The land shall become burning pitch Thorns shall grow over its strongholds It shall be the haunt of jackals yea there shall the night hag alight and find for herself a resting place." Isaiah 34. 8-14

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Lilian of the Munsters TV show was named after this so called second wife of Adam. Its hebrew zany folklore. Also she is said to be a demon lady. Cute but deadly.
Actually what I have learned is that the Hebrew version is that Lilith was supposely Adams first wife, who was created from the dust of the earth as he was, as opposed to Eve being created from him, she was indignant to the position of (lying beneath him) percieving that she was his equal.

In this rebellion she flew away from him into the desert and would not return, even after God sent three angels to insist that she return therefore becoming a dreaded demon of the wind, that cause plagues, sickness and death to babies.

I saw this on an episode of hidden books of the bible on tv, she was brought up because of the above scripture in Isaiah,"night hag" is supposely a reference to her.

They brought up the supposed two acts of creation in Genesis, God created them, male and female he created them, .... then God taken a rib from Adam and creating Eve.
Wanted some opinions and discussion, thanks
Actually what I have learned is that the Hebrew version is that Lilith was supposely Adams first wife, who was created from the dust of the earth as he was...

I'm sorry - you are correct.

You know Sister, those lost books really scare me.
But I do enjoy the History Channels' show about not so familiar things. They're interesting to say the least
If this myth were true, and that is all that it is right now to me, would it shed light on anything that we know already
my sister in Christ Jesus be very carefull in this Arena. lilith is a female demon/ vampire of the underworld . In short a Demon. We as children of God have no place in this.
I understand your admonishment Pastor, and don't think that I dwell on this, but I do want to at least be aware of my enemies. however I understand exactly where you are coming from, and appreciate your love in Christ and do heed it
This may be what you are thinking of.. In the book of Genesis between verse 1 and 2 many say that this is were the Gap Theory comes into play. In that there are many thigs that people believe happen. One is that Adam had a wife before Eve. There are legends that Adam had a wife before Eve who was named Lilith, but this is not found in the Bible. The legends vary significantly, but they all essentially agree that Lilith left Adam because she did not want to submit to him. According to the legends, Lilith was an evil, wicked woman who committed adultery with Satan and produced a race of evil creatures. None of this is true. There is no biblical basis whatsoever for these concepts. There is no one in the Bible named Lilith.

The passage most often pointed to as evidence for Lilith is Isaiah 34:14, which in the NRSV reads, "there too Lilith shall repose." This is a poor translation. Every other major translation of the Bible reads something to the effect of "night creature" or "screech owl." Even if "demon monster named Lilith" was the proper translation of the Hebrew word, Adam is nowhere even hinted at in this passage or its context. Whatever the Lilith was, it is not given any connection whatsoever to Adam or Creation.

Another commonly used support for Lilith is the differing Creation accounts in Genesis chapters 1-2. Some claim that the woman in Genesis 1 was Lilith, with the woman in Genesis 2 being Eve. This is completely ludicrous. Rather, Genesis chapter 2 is a "closer look" at the creation of Adam and Eve as recorded in Genesis chapter 1. The Bible specifically says that Adam and Eve were the first human beings ever created (Genesis 1:26-28; 2:18-25). This "Lilith" myth is popular in some radical feminist movements because Lilith is an example of a woman refusing to submit to male headship. While there are myths outside of the Word of God regarding Lilith, her complete absence from Scripture demonstrates that she is nothing more than a myth.
Hi, she's either a myth or a real demon so referred to as a 'night hag' in Scripture. The fact is, such a one exists for the worldly sort who are into satanism.

I once heard 'Sylvia the Pyschc' tell someone to call on 'Lilith.' Mind you, I don't watch that mess but once as I was browsing the channels during the 'Montel' show era I heard this woman 'deceive' many poor souls, including Montel. I pray Slyvia and others caught up in that 'satanism' be delivered.


The reason I don't buy the whole Genesis 1, 'two wives of Adam' is that in Genesis 5:2, The Scripture repeats that 'male and female made He (God) them.

By the way, it's okay to obtain knowledge on this specific matter for Scripture tells us to, 'be ready to give a defense for the gospel.' In other words, great subject matter to put to rest. Glad Min. Fuggett posted it.
Sorry Pastor Valentine but that is not the case. Lilith is a female Mesopotamian storm demon associated with wind and was thought to be a bearer of disease, illness, and death. The figure of Lilith first appeared in a class of wind and storm demons or spirits as Lilitu, in Sumer, circa 4000 BC. Many scholars place the origin of the phonetic name "Lilith" at somewhere around 700 BC despite post-dating even to the time of Moses. In later folklore, "Lilith" is the name for Adam's first wife. (Read below for more information on that part of the myth)
Pastor Sweet THANK YOU!

I have to sort out this mythical stuff in my mind, it just boggles me, how these stories came about, for their is a root to all things

You statedLilith is a female Mesopotamian storm demon associated with wind and was thought to be a bearer of disease, illness, and death

Now that makes perfect sense of the origin of this ! our ancestors always gave names to occurences, I know of a indigenous tribe, that fears the rainbow, because they view it as a coral snake that comes for their children, but it in fact was after the rainy season the children were prone to become ill , and many died, and of course after the rain the bow appeared.

Thank you!
You are welcome, I'm not sure that the myth of a demon is the link between these kids becoming sick. That may be due to the fact that there is always in those types of area a very high rate if kids becoming sick due to a lack of doctors.
You are right Pastor, a group of linguistic missionaries that we sponsored travel to South America and lived among some of the tribes, they had to learn these tribes language and customs, for it was their desire to translate the bible into their native tongue.

There were no doctors, so when the rainy season came, alot of childen fell victim to pneumonia, because of their living conditions. They had to gain these peoples confidence so that they could help them in that way too.


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