"The land shall become burning pitch Thorns shall grow over its strongholds It shall be the haunt of jackals yea there shall the night hag alight and find for herself a resting place." Isaiah 34. 8-14

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This is a subject I must admit that I am lacking and slacking in. I, like Sister Dorretta Lee, am watching this closely, while doing some research myself........
I am also watching this discussion closely and with discernment. What I am sensing, though, that when we allow ourselves to become strongly interested in acquiring knowledge outside this Bible, we may be opening ourselves up to demonic influence. When Eve engaged into dialogue with Satan about the fruit on the tree of knowledge of good and evil, her focus shifted and she became vulnerable to Satan's influence to acquire this knowlege. And, as a result . . .well, we know the rest of the story.
a savior came that redeemed us back as children of God? kidding,

I know what you mean't , that is why I titled this "Can anyone discuss Lillith with me" I know many can't, and the name would draw those that were not fearful and had knowledge and those that could dicuss it or follow it would be strong in faith.

One does not have to fail in their faith just because of the knowledge of what evil lies in the world, sometimes it helps us to not fall prey
Point well taken. I am not in the position to discuss this topic but I would like to ask this of you; since you are seeking to discuss this topic with those who have knowledge, am I to assume that you have some knowledge on this topic and if so, will you share what you know? And, do you believe what you have learned thus far to be truth?

Just asking out of curiosity.
Chaplain, my curoiosity was sparked by the segment of "Lost books of the Bible", I love history, I believe that the Bible is the most awesome history book that we have, I also believe that the myths we hear of have an origin, there is a reason people spoke these tales.

What Pastor Sweet depicted, was excellent, and I believe Lillith to be a myth but I know that there are evil entites out there in high places working against the Body of Christ, high places referenced in the scriptures do not refer to the pulpit, contrary to popular belief, but to those demonically in the spirit world.

Thanks for asking!
I also have heard and believe there are many so called "folkloric" beings, who in reality may have existed in one form or another over eons. Maybe even derived from progeny of fallen angels. The bible definitely speaks of the fallen angels taking daughters of men. Also, we know this must be true (1) THE BIBLE SAYS IT sorry caps got stuck on "on" (2) These angels were about to beat the door down trying to get at the emissaries from heaven (angels) who came to Lots house to get Lot and family out of sodom & gomorrah.

Its imperative to know the enemy, its a foundational rule of engagement. Now, if someone isnt gonna be about or dont believe in warfare, then there is no need to seek out or be aware of this info.

Evangelist I'm inclined to agree with you. Based on the above scriptural premise. And if it is true (which the bible does allude to) these entities, who shunned their first estate only exist now to drag mankind down to the pit with them and subvert and avert the fulfillment of the plan of God.
Sadly, that is one reason why I have heard many Pastors call Seminary school "Cemetery School".
That all depends on the Seminary!!!!!
I agree. Maybe I should have made myself more clear: the Pastors and Bishops that I hear this from went to seminary schools.
I've heard of Lilith, but not enough to comment. I thought it was folklore. Im curious though. How do you get Lilith from that passage in Isaiah?

Just curious, thanks
The segment of the show, pointed out that the "hag of the night" translation 'night creatures' represents a speculative attempt at rendering 'lilith' based on its similarity the Hebrew word 'laylah' -- night, but it is not exact, but more than likely infleuance by mythology.

Hey sugar, where you been?
Hi Evangelist,

Ive been going thru some, but God is God and also a deliverer!

the hebrew word "laylah" makes me think of Eric Clapton's song. Not sure how its spelled though.


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