"The land shall become burning pitch Thorns shall grow over its strongholds It shall be the haunt of jackals yea there shall the night hag alight and find for herself a resting place." Isaiah 34. 8-14

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There is in fact I book I just read, allegedly a fictionalised account of demonic warfare, demon hierarchies, ranks of angels sent to help and war on our behalf, even how the former has infiltrated the church and have bought and sold high ranking church officials.

Lilith may have been mentioned in this book as a higher ranking demon Lord(ess). There were so many mentioned, with so many ranks. This book is probably among the most powerful books Ive ever read on this subject. If you've read or heard of Frank Perretti, then this new author moves the idea along, and expands to also include insights into demonic actions now happening in earth (Perretti primarily focused on how angels help men in his books. Liam Jackson shows both how angels do help and how demons and principalities are bent on destroying).

The book I refer to is called "Keys of Solomon" by Liam Jackson, just published in 2009. And I "stumbled" on it in my local public library. Its a playbook of how the enemy victimises and uses those who are weaker, whether the weakness is lust for power, or plain ole' fear. And in many cases shows how the church at large almost refuses to acknowledge this warfare, even while the manifestion of the same is happening all around us.
Wrong please read my post for the truth history on her she is nothing more than a myth. Ladies This book you mention Keys of Solomon, is just like Dan Brown's Da Vinci code. You would not call that powerful now would you! I hope not......This I know may get me in to a lot of problems but the Bible knows nothing of Demons taking human bodies. Be careful how your interpertation, this where textual criticism comes in to play....Blessings
Also the book Keys of Solomon is a work of fiction and is found in the FICTION section of the book store. It is not Biblical.....It is a very poor work of Fiction......Understand it is just FICTION not one part of it is Biblical.......it is FICTION. Nothing more nothing less.
Pastor Rodrick, you have not read this book, but are quick to judge it out of hand. As I said earlier if you knew anything about demon warfare you'd recognise truth about it even if a donkey told it to ya
That is right it was a demon possession, not a demon becoming or taking on human form. The fact is that demons don't have that ability, angles do because God allows it. That is what I'm talking about.
Wasn't it demons that had sexual relations with the daughters of man? You say demons don't have this power. How so? What is the evidence of such?
Now that is a very good question, some would say yes! But not everyone views that passage that way. I don't mean to sound like a broken CD...LOL it is all one interpetation the pharse בְנֵי-הָאֱלֹהִים which is sons of God, the real question comes in the chapter before, meaning who are the sons of God. Read it for your self it is very hard to get this one right with out the Hebrew text and textual criticism.
Pastor Sweet if they were not the demon angels why were their children different from others?
Okay, those who hold the view that they are the sons of the Godline of men found in the chapter beforeit see it as them falling into sin.
what about the offspring, isn't that evidence?
No! If the Sons of God are men then would not that make their offspring men as well?
my understanding is that a demon, if powerful enough (and there are levels of ranks with varying authority) can take on any form it needs, including human.

Now, Pastor Rodrick, I'll give you another little project to check out on the internet... LOL!

I admit havent done it yet. Im still reeling from what I learned. There was documentary series called Gangland on the history channel this weekend. And my city chicago has a gang called "satans disciples" which I did not know. The others Id heard of they'd been around a while. It jolted me some and I dont scare easy.... And here you come asking if demons can inhabit a human body?

Further, you understand that God gave up dominion in the earth, entrusting it to us. However, its no wonder (and the church should be collectively slapped) demons now roam it (going to and fro seeking whom they can devour). Majority of church leadership just doesnt believe in their existence much less their ability to influence activity on earth. "Gods got it all under control", right? And no Im not mocking GOD.


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