Well, the question is "Can you OVER use the name of JESUS"? The answer is NO, only if you are using the name with the proper application. Sadly, most Christians today have set a horrible standard of misuse of the name thinking it to be okay to use the name without limits; you know, the times when people say something shocking and we hear some use the name as a means to express dismay, disgust, distress or even misdirected glee. The Bible tells us that anything we ask "in HIS name" we shall have. The Apostle John renders a qualifier that says if we ask in HIS name HE will do it if it is according to HIS will (I John 5:14). In the Old Testament the Bible commands us in Exodus not to use the LORD's name in vain (the 3rd Commandment); this is not something meant to fade with time and dispensations but rather expressed as a fundamental basis for one's approach and sustaining their relationship with the LORD. The name should be applied didactically rather than as an element of pleasure or entertainment because somewhere the gravity gets lost in the translation when not.


You wonder why it seems that unbelievers don't respect the name of the LORD? Well, if believers Respected the name of the LORD it would almost without human intervention produce conviction in many unbelievers by default.


As I lay in bed this night (Thursday March 3rd 2011) I was awakened and found no place to rest as the LORD JESUS flooded my mind with the juxtaposition of misuse of the name of JESUS and the misuse of “Salt”. First, we as believers are considered to be the “Salt of the Earth”. The Bible further tells us about good salt and salt that has lost its savor.  When a person misuses salt the very thing in their body that is meant to be a life-giving source become Enemy to the body (their blood). The salt that is necessary, at healthy levels, which enables the body to sweat so that it does not overheat when ingested in too high of doses causes the blood to hold too much water which is called “High blood pressure/Hypertension”. In an effort for the blood vessels to maintain integrity the wall thickness increases which causes the inner circumference to lessen thus restricting bloodflow and causing the heart to near figurative breaking (causes the heart to pump harder). As today’s believer takes the LORD’s name in vain not minding the 3rd Commandment thinking that the LORD will hold them Guiltless and considering the commandment dialectic they are creating a synthesis of the word of G-D and disregard Revelation 22:18-19- resulting in Atrophy.


Just as the walls of our blood vessels thicken with the misuse of salt our sensitivity or thin-skinnedness to the proper application of the name becomes less apparent with the misuse of the salvation name of the living G-D. The variation of renderings of the name of G-D from the Hebrew is a means or attempt of not blaspheming in overusing/misusing the name of the LORD i.e. Hashem, El Elyon, El Shaddai, El Olam, etc. So in the misuse of the name of JESUS you can use it TOO MUCH!


In the UK there is something called the Food Standards Agency which has a study called The Low Income Diet and Nutrition Survey (LIDNS). In this study they found that people with low income, which by the class system this group is considered to be the low or lower class, tend to make poorer food choices and have less healthy eating habits resulting in obesity and other health risk such as high blood pressure more so than those in higher income brackets. Translating this into faith, many of us are not living in our inheritance as those grafted into the commonwealth of Israel to have LIFE and have it more abundantly because we prefer to wallow in the doldrums of spiritual ghettos and blasphemy. Lot’s wife did not mind the spiritual and life-giving essence of the word of G-D and her disregard was indicative in her turning to a “Pillar of Salt”. When the “Enemy comes in like a flood” I hope that my aim to reach heaven is accurate by reason of “proper” use of the name of our LORD. I encourage us all to strive to hold the name in scared chambers and apply it only as needed in reverence; in this we can relieve the tension of disbelief and turn the world upside down in exalting and glorifying our G-D.

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I dont know about over using it but we sure can MIS-use it.

Greetings my dear friend, and thanks for the post, may I add to your discusion!

I was doing a study on the name of Jesus the other day, What amazed me was that so many talk of Jesus name as related to prayer and asking for blessings or benefits, but so few use his name upon and for salvation as did the early apostles when they saved souls as in the book of Acts. The early Christians as you may well know, baptised in the name of Jesus for the remission of their sins (Acts 2:38), being Jews, they knew "Jesus" in the greek was equivelant to "Jehovah" in the Hebrew, "the "Lord" has become my light and salvation" (Psalm 27:1)....When they become Christians, they took on his name on water baptism (Acts 2:38).. The reason they knew that "the Lord he is God" (Psalm 100:3) his name revealed God had come in the flesh.

I wonder if this truth of the incarnation and therefore the name upon salvation is lost because few understand the core truth of our faith God was manifested in the flesh (I timothy 3;16).. "and without controversy, ...God was manifested in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, recived up into glory."

I therefore must conclude that there is no over use but certainly a misuse of the name of Jesus, as the sister before me has stated, and may I  also suggest  that the name is not used upon salvation because so few "believe in his name" for salvation... (John 1:12 and 3;18). In fact I even see Christian's slam those who do baptise down because of the fact they use Jesus in water baptism, now isn't that sick?


Great point.

 "...In fact I even see Christian's slam those who do baptise down because of the fact they use Jesus in water baptism, now isn't that sick?..." 


Yeah thats sorta odd. 

Why would the saints of God slam saints of God for using the name of Jesus when baptising his followers?

But they dont mind when Tyler Perry is using His holy precious names as part of a comedy movie script.

Go figure.

Great observation.


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