The bible declares that an elder must be the HUSBAND of one wife(titus 1:1-7.
women can't be a husband.
i am all for women in ministry but can they be elders.

let me know what you think.

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You've already answered your own question!

Bro. Germain
I know but i want your opinion!
Praise the Lord..

Yes the Scripture does teach that an Elder (Pastor/Overseer/Bishop -- they mean the same and are the same office in Greek) does say that an Elder needs to be the husband of one wife. But, I encourage you to take the Scripture for what the Scripture is saying and not what the Scripture is NOT saying. Read the Scripture again in context please.. the Scripture is saying that if He is a husband, he must be the husband of one wife.. in other words, he can only have one mate.. not two or three wives.. Paul is not permitting pologamy... thats the focal point. Now, you would like to know does this forbid a woman from being an Elder because he says husband?? You miss the focal point of the Scripture which is the forbidding of polygamy and adultery from a Elder if he is a husband. Now, having said that to say that an Elder can only be a man because the Scripture says the word "husband", then you have made a dangerous error. How? Because if you say an Elder/Bishop/Pastor/Overseer can only be a man, because the Scripture says the Word "husband" and a woman cant be a husband (which we all know), then you are saying also
that an Elder has to be a husband, and cant be single.,, Think about it for a minute.. If an Elder is only a man, he has to be a husband too, he cant be a single man, because (as you interpret) he has to be a husband... Now, I believe anyone that really studies and not just reads the Bible, knows that the man of God does NOT HAVE to be married to please and serve the Lord in any of the five-fold ministry gifts to the Lord's Church... actually Paul explains the advantage of being single in 1 Corinthians 7, and how if a man is single, he is free to serve the Lord and not the Lord and his wife, but Paul also does not forbid to marry either. So, an Elder does not have to be a husband, as 1 Corinthians says, therefore an Elder is not limited to the sex of a man... Think about this and pray about this.. For if that's the case a single man cant be a Bishop or Elder (which in God's eyes are the same office) and do you not know that the Bishop/Elder are the same greek word for Pastor???!!! So, to say that the office of Elder/Pastor/Bishop can only be occupied by a man, is to say that a man has to be married, because that's what Scripture says that he must be a husband of one wife.. right?? My point exactly..
That's wrong! Since we know that Scripture encourages and supports marriage, it also makes mention of the possiblity and potentiality of a man being single or woman being single and yet serving the Lord in holiness, we know that that wasnt what Paul was saying in 1 Timothy 3 or Titus 1:1-7, he was saying that if the Bishop/Pastor/Elder/Overseer is married, he must be the husband of only one wife and not be commiting adultery and polygamy because that's not holiness! Isnt it interesting how we can take Scripture and try to make it sound literal, but not realize how it can contradict whats already written? Now, some would try and say well if he meant for a woman to be hold that office, why he didnt say let the woman be the wife of one husband vice-versa.. First of all, because if you study the Bible you would know that women (especially Jewish women) did not have many rights or priveleges (or a voice in matters) in that day and time and it WAS NOT HEARD OF for a WOMAN to PROPOSE TO or ENGAGE HERSELF to a man; He had to engage HIMSELF and MARRY HER (as in contrast to today where a woman can propose to a man or engage herself to a man and marry him)... So, of course Paul would not say the wife of one husband because it wasnt heard of for a wom,an to do such a thing in those days.... hope this info helps...
Well, actually I DONT SEE that a woman cannot be an elder. But I do read that she can NOT teach or usurp authority over the man. Not her man and anybody's man.

So if she can become an elder and not teach men and be quiet...she is possibly on her way to becoming a very qualified elder.

Okay Superintendent, the thing is Paul says more about the matter than just saying the husband of one wife which does support faithfullness but also the text says;

4 One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity; 5 (For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)

Now if the church is always saying that the men must stand up and take there place in the home, and there place is as the heads of the household. ( not dominering or overbearing) How then are bringing this to line up with what your saying above about the text meaning faithfullness and not gender specific?
Dear Doctor Carson.

Women leading who?
women leading other women, ie womens ministry..
I can see that - because it speaks of the older women teaching the younger women. Yessss. Thats very biblical.

Actually it would be wonderful if more of that took place. Instead of women up in mens faces telling men what they need to be doing - women can teach other women how to be true holy women of the Lord. They could teach them to be like the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31.
Or to be like Sarah - who called her husband 'lord'.
You wont be seeing that in this day and time - not in this country. LOL - thats just too funny.

But the woman of Proverbs 31 was special. Not only did she take good care of her husband - she was loyal to him and she never did anything to embarrass her husband. But to top it off - this woman had savvy business mind.

I think she is one of my favorite females of the Bible.


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