The bible declares that an elder must be the HUSBAND of one wife(titus 1:1-7.
women can't be a husband.
i am all for women in ministry but can they be elders.

let me know what you think.

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First of all, Pastor Culberson, I did address the men ruling their households well, I did not avoid it. What I said was that the Elder, if he is married according to scripture, let him have one wife, and let him be able to rule his household well. But since you have a problem with the terminology "ruling his household well" let me also remind you that the same Bible says that the married woman can guide the house AS WELL, NOT TO SAY she has authority over her husband and can tell him what to do (in authority), but she has permission to guide the house.. Where is the scripture.. 1 Timothy 5:14. When a woman gives a command to her children in the home, is not that having the rule over them? Then, they are commanded even when they are grown to honor her as being over them in the Lord.. So once again, she can be a mother and be over them, but not an Elder (which is still spiritual authority).. and all because she is a woman?? Once again, the Scriptures are not going to come out plainly and give the qualifications of a woman bishop or a woman Elder because it was not heard of in that day, because it was not permitted because of the lack of teaching and education women were permitted to have, and to keep order in the house of God, they were not allowed to teach men or usurp authority over them because they werent educationally and socially qualified to do so
And I answer your question with a question... Since it does NOT specifically say a woman CANT be an Elder, is it right to assume she cant be one because it doesnt say yay or nay?
I say where the scriptures speak we speak, and where they are quite we should be also. The scripture does say what the qualifications of a Bishop/Elder/Pastor are, why is it that we just dont go by it and not try to remix it? If God had a order of things from day one why should we try and change it now? And to "guide" the home and "rule the household" are not the same thing.
To guide and to rule may not be the same thing, I can understand that, but will you not agree that if someone is guiding something or ruling something, they are still in a position of leadership and authority? Because in order to guide something or someone, you have to be in front of them or giving them authoratative instructions. That's a similar position according to Scripture that God has ordained for men and women... but you saying they cant hold the same spiritual office together? That's respect of person.. To have the call of a preacher, in ANY office is a SPIRITUAL assignment with a SPIRITUAL anointing. It has nothing to do with your flesh, and in the spirit, her spirit is not a female-gender spirit, its simply a holy spirit, because their are no sexes in the spirit, only in gender and in the natural. So, when God calls a vessel for a spiritual purpose, He anoints our spirit, calls our spirit, not the flesh.. we operate from our spirit, through the human body to glorify God. Women have their specific gender roles and assignments to carry out from God, that cannot be mixed in with men, as far as natural things and in the home where they are called to submit and be subject to their own husbands, and to be his help-meet and help him with the house by guiding the house under his leadership, but how does that take away from the spiritual calling and anointing on her life as a preacher.. only because she's a woman?? I wouldnt think God is that bias...
If you would agree that in the gender role of God creating male and female for specific purposes Husbands to lead Wives to be the help that the husband needs to accomplish the goal God has designed for the family. Why is it so shocking to believe that He set up His church in the same fashion?

But alas I've told myself that I would stop responding to these post and I'm really going to try. Brother Marshall you go right ahead preaching and teaching what you believe the bible says becasue right or wrong you will be the one that has to answer for it.
Trust me I do plan on preaching and teaching what the Bible says in rightful context and application. But, I do want to answer to your question... When God establishes specific gender roles for the man and woman as far as husband and wife is concerned, thats natural and fleshly so.... because in the flesh they are different sexes, but in the spirit, and spiritually speaking when you're dealing with the church, the Church deals in the spiritual things.. And in the spirit, and spiritually speaking, spirits dont have genders... the office of bishop, pastor, overseer, elder, apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher and evangelist are spiritual offices that require spiritual service....
If we stop trying to allow the world to influence the church then we wouldn't have these issues.
The feminist movement and women's liberation does not belong in the church.
You slide down a slippery slope when you allow the women's liberation movement into the body of Christ, what next?
Then you'll have the homomsexual movement in the church.
Then you'll have every other movement in the church.
God has his place.
Man has his place.
Woman have her place.
People need to be where God has placed them and work where God has placed them.


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