The bible declares that an elder must be the HUSBAND of one wife(titus 1:1-7.
women can't be a husband.
i am all for women in ministry but can they be elders.

let me know what you think.

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I think the churches should utilize the experience and holiness of the 'mothers board' - if there is one. And really take it seriously. Alot of women think that they are not important unless they are in the pulpit teaching men. But aucontraire!
Theres a saying that goes: "The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world"

A man raised right in the Lord has half of the fight behind him. He can go on and do wonderful and powerful things for the flock of God.

But if the women dont know how to be good sisters and good daughters and good wives and mothers and nurturers - who can be? The men? No - no - no.

Back to the Virtuous Woman of Proverbs. She far from lazy and she poured herself into running her household well. She took wonderful care of her children and husband and had duties for her servants lined up.
Oh did I mention that she got up before dawn and cooked breakfast for her whole family and even worked into the late of night. What a woman!
She had an eye for realestate and went out and bought property. Girlfriend could farm.
She sewed and had a side business selling her wares.
She did not buy her food from some corner store - she went as far as possible to get the best for her family. God bless her.

On top of that - she took care of HERSELF so that she was ATTRACTIVE - not slutty looking (remember she did nothing to embarrass her husband) - but the bible speaks of what her dressing in the finest cloth.
She is generous to the needy. The bible says she opens her arms to them. This lady opens her arms to stinky crackheads!!!

She is so good at what she does - the bible says her children rise up and call her blessed and her hubby praises her and lets her know that its alot of good women out there - but there is nothing like his lady love.

If the wise and spiritual women of church feel they have a calling to lead the flock of God - then surely this is it. There is so much doctrine to teach regarding the Virtuous woman in Proverbs that they would not have time to teach the men anything.
I like what you have said, but the number one reason that the answer to this question is "NO".. Is because there is not one place in all the Bible were a women is called to be an Elder. Not only that they are not called by God to preach. The Bible knows no such thing as a female elder or preacher!!!!!
Stewart you betta watch out now cause they comming! LOL you dun said a whole lot tright there!!
Praise the Lord Pastor,

You are correct that its just not there in the scriptures as a calling for them. Its not there and its not there and its not even there.

But the reason why I took the angle that I did was - they do have a calling.

I see the church members as little gardens. One may remove the weeds (things that we are not to do) from our freshly tilled soil but the weeds will just come back if you dont fill the garden up with what SHOULD be there. You gotta plant some righteous important exciting things that you do want to grow and flurish.

Do you know how many women think that unless they are teaching men they having no calling from the Lord.
Many wise and godly sisters that have this calling to teach - in their heart as it were a burning fire shut up - just dont know that the Lord did indeed give them a calling. Its just not being utilized for the correct purpose.

But I agree - there is nothing telling women they have been called to be preachers, pastors, bishops or apostles.
The times have changed but not the scriptures.
Excellent point newveiw the sistahs do have a calling and it brings rapid growth to the body when they walk in it.
Iunderstand what you are saying but that whole "Apostles today" that's a whole diffirent set of issues. I may look at that later. If we look at it through the scripture Moses' father in law came to him and give him sound advice. The text reads "Moses' father-in-law said to him, "The thing that you are doing is not good. Ex 18:17. Then Jethro goes on to say in vers 21 "Furthermore, you shall select out of all the people able men who fear God, men of truth, those who hate dishonest gain; and you shall place these over them as leaders of thousands, of hundreds, of fifties and of tens. This is the Old Testament model for what we see in the New Testament. The only thing that I have found in the text is that women must teach other women. Read my blog to better understand the issue of women preachers...
OMgoodness!! Superintendent Elijah Marshall, you are so on point!!
Let me add this to this topic.. I was asked a question about how I am going to handle the latter part of the chapter that mentions the husband, being one that rules his own house well... and I also saw something of someone mentioning the Scripture whereas the Apostle Paul tells women not to usurp authority over the man but to be quiet.. Now, let me quickly deal with the first one..

1. I still will stand on what I said earlier in the aspect of us taking the WHOLE scripture into context. OF COURSE, if Paul is mentioning that if an Elder is a married man, He has to have only one wife, and HE has to be able to rule his house well because of who He is proclaiming to be.. but that still doesnt say a woman CANT be an Elder, because he's giving the qualifications of a married man whom calls himself a Elder.. you still havent showed me in that chapter where he directly says a woman cant be an Elder??
2. The Word of God tells us to STUDY the Word of God to show yourself approved, and when I see and read of some of the ignorant things we say as believers, it shows our lack of study and therefore.. .approval! You cant just read the Bible, you got to Read and STUDY the Bible. Do your homework... so you can RIGHTLY divide the Word of truth.. Now, as it pertains to the scripture that states that a woman should not take authority over the man and to teach him, but to be in silence.. I got two problems with that interpretation that was presented earlier... First of all, if a woman is suppose to be in silence and not teach a man.. just remain in silence, why ya'll letting your women teach Sunday school (whether its to the young girls or not is not the issue... SILENCE means SILENCE).. why you letting your women say Amen in church, that requires talking! why you letting them sing in the choir and pray outloud, that requires talking.. and newsflash SOME women got spiritual authority over males now, because they are MOTHERS.. that might have a son.. and according to scripture.. that child EVEN WHEN HE GET GROWN.. GOT TO HONOR HIS MOTHER BECAUSE SHE HAS THE RULE OVER HIM IN THE LROD
Now, so she can teach him and instruct him at home, what to do and how to do, in the authority GOD himself gave to her as a mother.. but she cant teach and preach to him or any other man in church? Because it's at church? If she restricted to preach or teach a male in church, she shouldnt be allowed to do it anywhere else for the same reason, IF THAT'S your interpretation??!!! STUDY! You will see that of course, Paul didnt permit the women to teach a man and to have authority over them, because first of all, who was he writing to?? A Christian Church in Ephesus, that was in a Jewish society and culture.. and when you STUDY the Word of God, you will see.. Jewish women were not ALLOWED to have the same education and knowledge as men... about ANYTHING! That's why Paul told the Church in Corinth in 1 Corinthians 14:35... that if they want to LEARN ANYTHING.. (see that word learn).. let them ask them questions AT HOME because they couldnt speak out in the church, because that was the culture and custom of that day. Now, why would you let a woman, or anybody else for that matter, teach anybody and they dont have knowledge to teach anything??
So, Paul did not permit it because of the situation of that day, it would be considered out of order. Then, before you try and jump to the following verses, in 1 Timothy 2, take the WHOLE chapter in context.. God NEVER HAS allowed the woman to be the head of the man or over the man in the spirit, IN THE BASIS of marriage, that's why he tells them about how Adam was here first, then Eve. Paul wanted them to be reminded of divine order as how God set it to be so in the family and in the home.. Remember, these women could prophesy and pray in a church service, but Paul didnt want the women to abuse their liberty and over-ride the authority of the man as the head in the household. Study the Bible.. take it into context.. look at who he's talking to, and the situation he addressing, the custom and times that that situation was in...
Since it was I that brought up the latter part of the chapter about men ruling there house holds well ( which you did not really give an answer to, just kind of avoided it) I will ask you this according to your train of thought how would a women be judged as to her qualifiacation for the office of a Bishop or Elder?

And secondly, no it does not say that a woman cant be an Elder but news flash it also doesnt say that they can you are adding it in there. So in the theory of the judical system the burden of proof lies with you please tell us where in the text it is saying that they can. And if you cant are you then guilty of adding to the word something that is not there?


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