What do you think about when you here people say I cought the Holy Ghost today? Its my belief that you cant catch something thats not being thats not being thrown. many people believe that they have cought the Holy Ghost because they shouted in church on sunday. I want to know what you think. After I gather opinons then I will conclude this discussion With what the bible says. God BLESS

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First of all The Holyghost is something that can't be caught because its something that must be planted on the inside. So many get a touch from god confused with having the holyghost. They think since they shouted or danced in church or fell out in church they are filled with the holyghost. Not So. Because when you are filled witht he holyghost you can't live the same way you lived before you came in the church. They holyghost will teach you and discipline you keeping you in line with the word of God. Just know that it is important that you have the Holyghost on the inside and not just being touched by God. The songwriter once said Im tired of being touched,moved,but not changed and thats what alot of people experience, but you have to want it and be willing to say for God i live and for God im willing to die. To put everything aside to please God. And Thats real. And to Minister Berry there is nothing we can do about the people saying they caught the holyghost all we can do is enlighten them. You can't make them stop saying it because it is traditional and thats something that will never be all the way broken up. What are you going to tell the old church mothers from way back then that is still using the slang ( they are going to look at you ridiculus because they just know they caught the holy-ghost ) Again like the young lady said in the forum they most likely mean well or the right definition but the way that it is phrased is wrong. So i feel as if there was really no need for this forum. Lets talk about something thats not so innocent and something thats not so pety. Lets help God's people understand what could send them to hell and tell them why they should repent, because by them saying they caught the holy-ghost it isn't going to send them to hell.
Don't know much about catching the Holy Ghost, but I sure am glad the Holy Ghost CAUGHT ME! I was sinking deep in sin far from a peaceful shore. very deeply stained within sinking to rise no more. But the master of the sea heard my despairing cry, and from the waters he lifted me, now safe am I.
In my experience, I had people that was anointed to lay hands on me and as they were praying in their spirit-filled language I was saying to God fill me with Your Spirit and I was filled with the evidence of speaking in tongues. I know that where the prescence of the Spirit is there are different reactions to Him.
Carolyn E.
I actually found this one to be funny. I was in revival last week and I was given a word for a 20 year old gentleman in the church. As I spoke to him, he stated I needed to get out of his business (loud in church) then I asked him If I could pray for him, he said it was ok. I laid hands on him and prayed for him and the anointing fell upon him and he laid out in the floor. He got up and asked who was that talking to him. I always state to people that you can preach until you turn blue in the face but no one can minister to your personal situation like Jesus speaking directly to you and in you.

Now catching the holy ghost is in a whole nother ball park. If you catch it, then can you throw it? If you catch it today can you loose it tomorrow.

Being filled with the holy ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues, and feeling the spirit and running all over the church is two different things. THEN YOU HAVE, the catch me as I make a mockery people. Like the ones at the funeral that did nothing for the person when they were living. I have never seen anyone who was overcome by the spirit hurt themselves, but I have seen many people playing church bust their heads on pews. Don't blame the ushers, let the spirit lead you and he will not lead you into a bench.


I LOVE how he just throws his hands out and walk away at the end.

spirit came
spirit left
That is a strange way of putting it. Catching the Holy Ghost. I am more familiar with receiving the Holy Ghost.
All I can say, I thank God for real relationship. wow!
I liked this because I think it's about "Experience" more than anything...I don't walk around speaking in toungues and shouting 24/7 but there are times when the spirit is moving in a service or upon my heart that the stirring effect of the spirit would give the imprerssion that you have been overtaken thus the use of the term "catching the Holy Ghost".
Well let me say that I never grew up in a church house when I was younger my mama didn't take me and my sibblings to church but I knew the I had learn his word some how so when I got older I bought a Bible and I begin reading it interested me so much I was like this is what I have been missing it was sooo wonderful i loved the stories and still do for me to read that bible I could feel it in m soul I was so caught up in belieft which is a good thing it was amazing it was lke I could feel god someone was with me but anyway i was reading my Bible that day and later on that night I went to sleep I was so into his word and I was in a cold hard sleep I mean wiped out sleep flat out sleep and I just out the blue sat up out of my sleep and my let arm was telling someone to come and I could not control that part of my body and I was looking at my left part of my body elike OMG whomever it was it good because I could feel it it was very soft and calm and gentle u know how u tell someone to come to you but in a soft way my whole left part of my body was controled I also felt it when it left my body true. Story


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