I see so many people who are embracing this Christian -Muslim alliance but my question to everyone especially to the Christians, or believers in Christ, who think it is a wonderful idea, just which one of you is doing the compromising? because surely there can be no ChisLam without there be some form of compromising.
And my next question is directed to the believers who have join the ChrisLam alliance, have you thought of how God is viewing your alleigence to compromise His one and only begotten Son who laid down His life for you and if you have thought on this, what does your spirit tells you on how God is feeling? , Is He happy to share?.

Come on everyone your views is important come and share your views by embrassing ChrisLam do you then make Christ death in vain and is this the first step to embracing the devil so are we now entering the mass falling away before the tribulation?

Come on folks let us stick to the questions ask and see if we can learn anything through them of course I encourage Scriptures to demonstrate your stance if possible.

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Hey people it has been a while since I posted a new Discussion the last one posted in 2009 is still going strong and there is a lot to gleam from that, however, this is a new topic regarding the new alliance between believers and muslim so come and answer the question s and share your views  and please remember to keep this in an orderly fashion let us try and teach , learn,exhort and be exhorted to the honour of our Lord and Saviour.

Jesus/Yeshua died one of the most horrific ways a person can die. He went through more than I am able to comprehend. He did so that we could be grafted into the promise, but the promise only works if we walk by faith and overcome. 

To me at least for whatever it is worth, there can be no alliance between Islam and believers, because if we do that, we give up His sacrifice admitting that it was not true that He is and was the Son of God. 

Be not deceived, an alliance is a covenant and God's people are not to enter into covenant with people not of Him. The reason Hitler was able to do all that he did was because the church at that time entered covenant with Hitler. The spotless bride does not enter relationship with those who desire to kill and destroy and it clearly says that Muslims like it or not are to kill the infidels to keep their faith. 

Here is the really bad part that the church does not teach. WE all in the body of Christ are leaders. What we do and the alliances or covenants we make God has to pay attention to be cause we have the power of God to bind and loose. By entering covenant we bind God and we separate ourselves from Him by entering alliances and creating covenants not of God. 

What I see is that this is all a test to separate the sheep and the goats and many of the sheep are turning into goats. Why? Satan is enticing people to go one direction or the other away from God. Why? Because at the cross Jesus took all power and authority away from Satan, but we if we make bad alliances and covenants we give back to Satan the power and authority we have been given. Satan is working overtime to get the people of God to enter unholy agreements and covenants. It is the only way Satan has any power. This should be a warning to all believers. 

In Christ if we find our calling and purpose and learn to walk in it, we all become pieces of the puzzle. Can one loose ones salvation (shoot not to pick up another thread, yikes)? 

the new alliance is just era and doctrines of devil just like the word warned us would come in the last days...wake up or just admit you're in rebellion against God and the things of God...we can not do both!

Its no surprise to hear of chrislam idea. The Bible regards this group as 'the proponent of satanic agenda'. Or in biblical term, according to I Timothy 4: 1; they are of the deceitful spirit, and the doctrine of demons. My prayer is that those involved may come back to their senses, and serve Christ, and him alone.

Madam Loundes i stand with you and your comments regarding Christian-muslim. Don't compromise.

Wow!  Now they have actually coined a phrase for it now?  -->   "ChrisLam alliance"

Thats ridiculous - but I guess there would be those that say it just like "Judeo Christian"

I think we should treat the muslims like we would want to be treated but I dont think there is much more than that.

Although we both believe in the God of Abraham - so do the Jews.

They believe Jesus was a prophet - well the Jews believe that he was some kind of blasphemous prophet.

I think Jews AND Muslims need Jesus for salvation but the Jews are blessed forever and they will come to believe on Jesus.  Also, Jesus said the Jews know who they serve because 'Salvation is of the Jews'.

Muslims...I dont see that are the apple of God's eye, nor do I see that salvation is of Islam.

If we align with them then we need to align with Mormans and Christian Scientists, Jehovah Witnesses, etc.  At lease they name the name of Christ.


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