It is rather funny, how we all look at the word of God yet in many ways the truth have eluded most of us, for many have failed to see that Christ is the center and heart of the Bible as a whole.

Many of us fail to connect the Old and the New, missing the mark on that which is concealed within the Old for those who are have an eye to see, mistakenly believing that the Old is no longer of use, that it has pass it’s sell by date, oh yes many have failed to connect the dot that in the Old is the nation that will contain the man of the New.

Let us not forget those who also fall to connect the New with the Old, missing the mark without realising that which had been concealed in the Old, now openly revealed in the New brings clarity to that which had been hinted at. Yes they fail to realize that a nation without a man would be simply a waste of time.
So many have failed to simply connect the dot between the Old and New. Yes they failed to realised in the Old the nation was founded and prepared to sustain and contain the man of the New.

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I think there is a difference between the words, Christ, Jesus, Word, Messiah, Savior, yet they are the same and in one case with the word Christ, one definition is where Jesus is the head and we are the body of Christ who is also know as living epistles or the living word. Is it all a play on words?

I think it all depends on what the Holy Spirit has shown us about the different characteristics of the different names. For example if we see Christ as the Word then we can see how the Word has been around since the beginning, but if we see Jesus we see a persons life that lasted some 30 years.

But I also see that it has to do with how we see ourselves and while most would say they are spirit they use their eyes to see instead of their spirit and if we really get the point God's Spirit should be our spirit working in harmony with the Word. 

Hi Sarah, the point that I am making here is that the Bible as a whole is centered around Christ, there are so who do not embrace the New Testament and fail to recognised Christ, who simply refuse to see the link between the Old and the New, people who fail to see the obscure things of the Old openly reveal in the New. And there are those that believe we no longer need the Old Testament, who believe the Old has become redundant, those that believe that Christ came and abolish the Old Testament. These different groups opt to make to a division, a speration where there should be unity. 

These people fail to look at the bigger picture of where the Old and the New work in unity one with the other for the good. You see when you read the Bible as a whole you cannot fail to see how God in the Old concentrated on captivating, and preparing a nation that was right and fruitful in order to sustain and nuture the man of the New, whose mind and soul He intend to reside there.

One thing I have learned while being in ministry that everyone came for different places pretty much of the time and with that have different backgrounds and experiences. Much like you say potato and I say po'tato but we both are somewhat talking about the same thing.

There are other times where one attempts to put the other down instead of asking question of why I see it the way I do and I have no problem with answering that. I told you somewhat about my testimony and at one time i had a 3rd grade level of comprehension. I could not read and I could not focus.From that point all the way through college it was the Holy Spirit that taught me everything, because I really need Him to explain anything to me. When i listened to the Holy Spirit I received a 3.7 grade point average if not higher, but when I choose my own course I was not even able to complete them. Our God is merciful and works with a person on their level, but from my experience it is always focused around what God had called me to do. When he taught me, he taught me on my level always giving me harder things to do requiring more faith. I did not start with standing with Goliath and but did start with something fairly close to what Daniel faced with the Lions. I can tell you that He spoke to me in a clear loud audible voice outside of my head. A voice where one wants with all their being, but He would not allow me. He had me stand before Him.He talked to me in other ways as well all to build my faith or the faith that I have.

When I say that the Word was from the beginning to the end has been present throughout scripture i fully know that. Then He was Jesus and then Jesus Christ and the Messiah but also one definition of Christ who is the head of the body and we are the body. The weird part comes when we find Christ already with His feet on His footstool and the body of Christ is already over the footstool as well. 

We are here to prove the faith we have and honestly when people do little more that studied Bibles we find they are not prepared to stand in faith because faith is like a muscle and if the a muscle is not exercised their faith muscles, which helps a person stand in faith. Reading scripture alone does not increase faith, but increases knowledge. One has to go through things several times to know that God is really standing with you, but if we are not put to the test we will never find out if our life will last us through our life or even the next day. 

Many people tout that the Bible has all the answers, which is why people keep studying and studying and more studying convincing they are standing in faith, but all that happens is we get to be held far more responsible for what happens on earth. The more one knows, the more they will be judged by. It is not only an air to restrict our faith simply on the OT or even just the NT or even if one believes both and knows all there is to know and yet not have enough love to care about people, which really gets into why the great falling away will happen, because they have not been taught what their responsibilities are nor have they been taught were to get the answers which should have been provided in the local church that is if people have done something. The biggest weapon we have is not the Bible but our testimony so we know we can stand against the enemy and destroy him. It is our experiences that we know to be true and from those experiences one can testify to the fact the Bible does work.

Yes it is all focused around Christ, where Jesus is the head and we are the body and if we are not cooperating it is little wonder how little gets done.Yes the same force that was in the beginning is the same force we have today.

I love it! Sometimes I forget why I study and teach! Studying and teaching becomes the ends rather than the means to an end. which is Jesus Christ and my (and others) obedience to Him. Thank you again!

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Jude is a fascinating book. We see Michael and Satan and while Michael by right could have blasted Satan, he didn't as he even recognized the Holy Spirit, which gave Lucifer life. Michael out of respect for the Holy Spirit said nothing. It is amazing the respect the angels have. I wish we could all be that sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

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