In the holiness churches of old, the pastor and the church mother were styled as the spiritual parents of the congregation. This certainly was an idealized viewpoint--and reality didn't always match the ideal--but I think the first and second generations of the church would have called the pastor a "father-figure" for certain, and called either the church mother or the first lady a "mother-figure."

When in these days a woman pastors a church, who then fills the role of "father-figure" for the local church? Do female pastors ever appoint a "church father"? Is there any concerned about the male/female balance in their church leadership?

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Women most definately do have a calling.  But it aint leading men.

There is a place for every member in the Body of Christ.

However, every member of my body was not made to do what only some members of my body can do.  For instance, my ear cant see.  It was not made to do that.  My eye cant hear.  It was not made to do that.  My kidney was not made for me to walk around on. 

So surely nobody is saying that my ear is not as important as my eye or  that my eye isn't as important as my ear.

Look at it like this:  You have an elbow which is a little joint and it is not the whole arm. But it is SO IMPORTANT to that arm,  So suppose the elbow which is needed for the arm to really function well said that it did not what to do what it was made to do anylonger but wanted to become the arm.  Well who would do the important work of being the elbow?

Thats what church women are doing now - they are opting out of doing what they are called to do because they think its not important but it is.  It is very important. But because they have stopped doing what they've been called to do - the arm nolonger works very well.

That is the state of the church now.

Women dont know how to be women any longer - they want to be men and it has screwed up alot.  And the elders in the Body of Christ dont fight it because the women bring in alot of money and they dont want that gravy train to stop.


Balance? If you have a male pastor, he is your "father figure". If you have a woman pastor, she is a "mother figure". Either way, they are your leaders and you look to them for advise but never to worship them but admire them for their leadership and wisdom that they give to you as a young minister or pastor.
But you're missing the obvious point. If you are a male pastor, do you have female leadership to train the young women? If you are a female pastor, do you have male leadership to train the young men? This is the challenge posed to every church by Titus 3. The organization I belong to traditionally had male pastors and church mothers, so that there was both a father figure and a mother figure in the local church. A healthy church family needs the balance in leadership.

Good point. We have a Church Mother at our church to train young ladies and we have several men including myself, to train young men. We,the men and other men ofour church, do get together once a month to train up our young men and the ladies of our church dothe same with our young ladies.


Good thought provoking question... I have no idea about ananswer though, as I've never belonged to a female pastored church but I am interested in the thoughts of others.


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