Anyone who knows me knows that I am the most down-to-earth, genuine, AND loving individual you will ever meet in your life. I've been through in my life but God has turned my mess into a message to minister to the hurt, lost, abused, used and cast away- in and out of the church. There was a time in my life where I allowed people to say anything to me and do anything to me all because I didn't take into consideration the gift and the calling that God has placed on my life. When I was growing up however all of them good 'ole fashioned whoopings I got was because I spoke up when I was told I wasn't supposed to. A few years ago, while out at family dinner my mother told me, "I'm sorry I didn't allow you to express yourself. I didn't realize who you truly were." It began a healing in my life and that I would soon come to find out that God healed me and uses me to help those who the world and the church has given no voice.
It took me a LONG time to get to the place where I am in my life right now and I REFUSE to allow ANYONE to take my voice from me. I am called to do a work and not looking for validation from you, your nor you.

I KNOW who I am and I KNOW to whom I belong.
Since I have been back on this site I noticed that I am yet looked at as the "angry hurt and bitter Christian."
I believe that is for two reasons.

The first reason is because of what God has delivered me from. The church, the black church especially, has such a bad taste in their mouth toward homosexuals/homosexuality that they will turn their backs on their own. However, the heterosexual adulterer, fornicator, and baby maker runs free and rampant through the church. If you look on this site you find more topics about homosexuality than you do about any other one topic- which to me is a double standard. The church is overrun with homosexuals; in the choir, praise team, missionary board, mother's board, deacon board and even in our sacred pulpits however if these men (i.e. Tonex) and women were to step front and say that this sin is in their life they will IMMEDIATELY be ostracized and cast off like lepers. The sad part of all this is that there are men and women such as myself who God has done and is doing a complete work in and they are afriad (and some ashamed) to speak of what God has done because of what they have seen happen to others like them.

Well, I am NOT one of them and I believe that is why I am looked at as negatively as I am. I am not ashamed to say that I LIVED that life (emphasis on LIVED) that life and that I am striving daily to kill my flesh so that God may be glorified and my witness be effective. However, because I am NOT gay bashing against my brothers and sisters yet left in the struggle I am accused of being YET in the struggle.

The next reason is I am not in the Elitist Apostate Church- the church that believes a title validates you and gives you the authority to do as you please and not have to answer to anyone.


Look at this example:


"...recognize this about me, that I take accusations very seriously, especially when they are not true. I have been (proudly) accused of being very blunt with my words, and sometimes (not-so-proudly) been called rude. No one can accuse me of beating around the bush, or saying vague things and giving side attacks, because when I toss a stone, you'll complain about it because it hit you."


Now, if you go back and look at this complete post (which I pray you will) you will see where accusations where also made about me by this same person HOWEVER if you take accusations so seriously then WHY would you make accusations about someone else?
Okay, now look at the second line where he states how he PROUDLY is very blunt with his words and (not-so-proudly which means he is just a bit prideful) that he is RUDE however he then states that no one can accuse him of beating around the bush. So, basically what he is saying is that he says what he wants to say and doesn't care who says what about it.

This is what a LEADER is saying but let's see what Jesus said.

Matthew 10:16 says, "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves."

Then Paul told us in Galatians 5:22-23, "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith; Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law."

I didn't see "rudeness" mentioned in this scripture nor the one above it.

But my question is this- I am also blunt nor do I believe in beating around a bush when you can just chop it on down but WHY am I accused of being angry, bitter, hurt and YET in my sin when our descriptions of each other's conversation/debate tactics are the same?

The only difference that I see in what he stated and I stated is his title.

Does anyone see the double standard that I see?

I am actually laughing as I am typing this because I know the responses I will get and I know the ones I won't get.

Honestly, none of you know me (which makes this sad) and none of you chose to try and get to know me WHY because of the hot button word that you saw by my name- homosexuality!!!

As I stated in a previous post this will be my LAST time defending myself when I shouldn't have to defend myself when I am speaking from the SAME Word you are speaking from and working towards the same common goal. I will speak on the topic, answer any questions (within reason) asked of me and leave it at that. If you don't like what I have to say you have two options and two options only- you can either counter what I've said or CHOOSE NOT to respond and continue to pray for me. No more will I entertain the immature foolishness of name calling, stone throwing and belittling.

If you are stuck and distracted by my past life/lifestyle that is an issue that through prayer, fasting and even counseling you can be delivered from!!!




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Mr. Demings, what is your viewpoint or understanding of the New World Order? Do you think there is any validity to the Illuminati, Bilderberg Group, Rockefellar, Free Masonary, etc., that are suppose to be conspiring with other national and international groups for a New World Order? There has been talk that the NWO conspirators have been scheming on ways to control the population through the manipulation of man-made "natural" disasters, flu epidemics, etc.

I have been and continue to research information about the NWO. What is your viewpoint on this matter? Should we be concerned?

Thank you Patricia.
I agree with this last line here because I guarantee you if they had not known about the "change" in my life they would not be so concerned with trying to call me angry, bitter and hurt.
I'm hip to the game they play lol that's why it doesn't bother me.
Thank you again for the response. I appreciate it.
Thank you Bishop Lyndon.
I appreciate the love
The double standard in my opinion comes from our religious blindness.
Why do we feel the need to condemn call each other hypocrites, liars, haters and hellbound sinners because we disagree on certain subjects.
We sometimes on purpose want our view point stated and received but close our eyes and ears to another's view.
We sometimes claim to love everyone but sometimes we can be little pharisees condemning others who mess up not realizing that that could be me.
Why cant we allow others the same grace God has given us and space to get back up.
I remember once a man prophetlied to my parents that I would never be saved because of somethings I had gotten mixed up in. To be honest it was adultey and drugs.

Guess what yall I was a preacher when I got mixed all up in this mess, and i walked away from the ministry and my family
I had preachers and many church folk who dogged me out. Now did I deserve the criticism, or the animosity, or the false prophetic words?
Or did I need someone to come to me in love but not compromising and let me know brother God can forgive you if you repent and change.

Well this preacher who talked about me like a dog was HOLY....................

I was in a night club and in he walked with his mistress, I walked up to him and replied Hey Preacher where is your wife?
He looked dumbfounded. He replied " I don't know you"
I replied " It is amazing you been talking about me like a dog because I am no longer in church, and you come up in the club with your woman and your wife is at home. Here you are with a woman and tomorrow morning you gonna get up in the church and preach. I am coming to church in the morning and I am telling your whole church that their pastor is a whoremonger that lies, and cheats on his wife.
This preacher got so mad that we almost had a physical confrontation. To be honest I wanted to shoot him and would have if people didn't get him out the club before I got to my car. THANK GOD FOR DELIVERANCE.

Now looking back on that night I would never do that again................but alcohol, drugs, and wanting to get back at folks make you do some strange things

He was busy dogging me out a preacher who had fell into sin but was not going to church during that time.
This guy was in the pulpit every sunday and sleeping with several women but many excused him saying "he was a man before he was a preacher"
was this a double standard.

Many pastors knew about my mess and condemned me but they also knew about his hypocrisy and patted him on the back.

So was that a double standard?

I was no longer in church sinning, and he was preaching every sunday and sinning. One was hell bound that was me the other one was a Man of God


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