Churches in Africa Grappling With AIDS Epidemic (2013 World AIDS Day)

Greetings. As we commemorate the 31st World AIDS Day on 1st of December, Churches in Africa are Grappling and Chocking with the massive effects of the AIDS Epidemic. In Uganda 70% of the 2.2 million Orphans are under the care of Churches or Faith Based Ngo's. A very huge percentage of People Living With AIDS, after knowing their status they run to Churches for both spiritual, material and medical  care. 

However, these Churches are heavily constrained financially, the only financial resources available are the Sunday offertory and Tyths collections. In this regard, Africa Youth Ministries, is one of the few Faith Based Ngo's that have been engaged in Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Service Delivery, to learn more about our project partnerships with Churches, kindly visit us at OR
To learn more about our Youth Abstinence Education Projects please visit
To DONATE ONLINE financially in support of our Church Based Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Service Delivery, kindly visit your US$ 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 or more, will help save lives through our Church Networks.
On His Team,
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Africa Youth Ministries
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Africa Youth Ministries is a registered Charity in Uganda No 5914/6068

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