Church's Threat To Burn Copies Of The Muslim Holy Book

Well, they burn black churches to protest their hate for blacks spiritual beliefs, so I guess burning pages out of the Muslim holy book will be a protest the puppet master also would enjoy for their financial gain. I'm not making any excuses up for terrorist attacks, but I still wonder what provoked the 9/11 attacks. Especially since the Bin Laden family were in business with the Bushes & other Americans. Especially since America supplied them with weapons & support to drive Russia out of Afghanistan. At what point do they go from cooperating with or military & intelligence agencies & start being our enemies? I read a lot of books & seen a lot of documentary about Bin Laden his family & I seen all the 9/11 docs, but I would like to know the exact conversations that took place between Bin Laden & his family & Bin Laden & President Bush or other Americans that was the brung us to 9/11 & war. I bet religion has nothing to do with it. I bet greenbacks, self importance, revenge & the number one resource on Earth has everything to do with it. I guess after President Bush Jr. was elected they knew he was coming after them so they thought to strike first. They tried to kill President Bush senior & every Republican felt we should have went into Iraq during the Gulf. When you know war is coming & your enemy has more recourses & 100 times more powerful.  Strike first. 

I think Gen. David Petraeus is correct.

Yours truly,

Anthony Smith

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Considering you started the thread, it's petulant of you to say you're "done" with the discussion. You seemed to attribute to me the quote about the CIA not knowing who Osama was until 1996, but I identified the speaker as journalist Peter Bergen, I put the passage in quotation marks, and I gave you a link to the interview.

You wrote a giant manifesto, which when I have a little time I will investigate. It will really be revelatory to me if Ollie North commented about bin Laden in his testimony. You didn't link me to anything I can follow up on, so I will have to check it out on my own.
I said I was done because the thread was about a Pastor burning The Holy Qur'an. Which was called off, end of story on this pastor & his Church.

I will answer your questions. I sometime don't leave web address because the story is easy to find by anyone with common since who can can google.
No shot at you, it really ant that serious.

I like Peter Bergan as a journalist, but as much as I love watching MSNBC & CNN I understand that these media groups have parent owners. CNN is owned by Time Warner, Warner CEO is the great Steve Ross who has a great deal of influence in almost every sector in the world.

Media Network CEO's & investigative reporters are granted special favors & they also grant special favors. Sometime the Government will grant the media favors if they sit on sensitive information. The reward will be being the first to know & break a major story. Sometime the media is manipulated by government & they will leaked stories to the media because the government clearly understand 90% of American voters believe print if it's from their favorite media group & in return we are manipulated because we believe what we read & hear from the media.

98% of the time CNN, MSNBC & other media groups are neutral & unbiased. They're investigative reporting is the best, but sometime the influence of what get released to the public decided upon people who maybe conservative Republicans, Conservative Democrats, Independents, Liberals, Christian, Baptist, closet atheist, closet Pagan worshippers, closet gays, bisexuals, lesbians, none racist, racist, from a suburban sheltered home which mean they may have insensitive views toward under middle class people, which are largely minorities, they maybe huge investors themselves to corporations or they could be connected by fraternity, sorority or by friendship to the Government, corporate sectors, universities, organizations, law firms, law enforcement, judicial courts. My point, we are on the outside looking in & we don't know who has influence over how we get our news sometime.

For what it's worth, debunks the claim that Ollie North discussed Osama bin Laden in his 1987 Congressional testimony. According to that website, he actually mentioned Abu Nidal in answering a question about the security system that had been installed at his house. Chatter was that Nidal had made a threat against Col. North. North apparently told the committee that Nidal made the infamous terrorist Carlos the Jackal "look like a boy scout."

Snoops also posted a press release from Col. North, issued in 2001, correcting the record about his testimony.

Not that I have complete trust of internet sites, like Snoops. I'm curious enough to check this out at the library (I know congressional testimonies are transcribed and released to the public).
Son, I don't get a sh$t what have posted the words that came out his mouth can't be changed. Maybe you should stop trying to challenge me because the words out his mouth, & this is not from transcripts, during the Iran-Contra hearings in 1987. That bin Laden was trying to kill him & that Osama bin Laden was the most evilest person alive & an assassin team should be formed to eliminate him & his men from the face of the Earth.

I'm sure if any idiot look hard enough he can find a website that will have proof that the Earth is flat.
As of minute 2:26 on this tape, Col. North discusses the matter of Abu Nidal.


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