Churchy but not Godly

So many so called Christians go to church every Sunday to fulfill some sort of religious quota or to feel a sense
of closeness to God.  What this does is gives you a closer relationship
with fellow members and your Pastor.  But what if you stopped attending
this church?  Would your relationship with God be in jeopardy.  If you
were not going to church could you still be saved?  If you detach
yourself from the local assembly are you now unsaved and backsliden?

Many think that church attendance is required for salvation and thus they
are churchy but not Godly.  They have banked their salvation on church
attendance.  I had a young woman say to me that if she didn’t go to
church she would backslide.  So her saving grace is not in Christ but
in the words of her Pastor.  This same young woman  practices sin in
which I won’t get into what, so what is church attendance doing for
her. If you were stuck in the middle of the desert with no means to get
to church would you still maintain your walk with Christ?

The scripture “Forsake not the assembly of yourselves” has been overused
and misused.  If you are assembling in a condition of apostasy , false
doctrine, leaven filled, unholy, trampled word, unspoken word, falling
away from the truth, Godless church assembly then where is the reward
for your assembly.  It is better to gather with 2 or 3, as the word
says, than to be in  a congregation of devils and sinners.

The word says that sinners cannot stand in the congregation of the
righteous, likewise the righteous cannot stand in the congregation of
sinners.  If your church is overrun with sinners you better run for
your life. When the word of God says not to keep company with
fornicators, idolaters, covetous….etc…that should be a strong indicator
of the Godless existence of today’s church.  The churches are full of
sin and yet you remain.


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Amen! a new foundation,and appreciation that our Father is a person not quotes from the interperters and authors of confusion found in churches,on social sites.Those who have no direction but confrontation,for any that challenges,their mommy taught traditions that keep them in bondage.Stay on our path Family Of God! I'll see you guy's on the other side.

P.S Hope you guys are enjoying that bundle of JOY!

Could'nt stay on this site daily anymore.To many SAUL'S!!
It is de rigeuer these days to criticize the failings of organized religion (like hypocrisy). I share in making some of the criticisms. But it is no solution to view oneself as an "independent operator" in this Christian walk. For example, how can one practice the discipline of submission to church leadership --as discussed in Heb. 13:17 and elsewhere-- outside of membership in a body of believers? To whom is one accountable and whom is one in turn holding accountable?

God's demanded unity and fellowship of Israel, and later of the Church. A personal relationship with God in no way precludes intimate fellowship with other believers. In fact, Christ continually knit the two concepts together, as he did in his priestly prayer: "THAT THEY MAY ALL BE ONE; even as You, Father, are in Me and I in You, that they also may be in Us, so that the world may believe that You sent Me" [John 17:21, NASB].

There is a lot of scripture that speaks to necessity of our interaction and interdependence as fellow believers. Not that these relations have to be restricted to the organizations we know as modern churches: relations within non-traditional groupings of called-out believers (like house churches) are perfectly valid. But self-imposed isolation from all other believers is not countenanced in the scriptures.
No argument, Jaja. We should use our God-given wisdom to find a bible-teaching leader.

But I would also suggest that we should gather together to encourage each other in the Christian walk, to love one another and express that love through good deeds. None of this has to be done in an organized body... itdoesn't have to be a chartered organization with a senior pastor and a dedicated edifice... it can be in a small, informal fellowship, particularly if one finds it difficult to locate a trustworthy ministry.

Nonetheless, there needs to be accountability of the familial kind. There need to be brothers- and sisters-in-Christ who help to hold you accountable for growing more Christ-like, and for whom you do the same. There needs to be corporate prayer and worship, including observance of the ordinances of Christ (the Lord's supper/the love feast, baptism of new believers). There needs to be ongoing biblical instruction in righteousness. I can imagine all these things happening in someone's living room, but I cannot imagine them happening if you're not committed to a group of fellow Christians.


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