Cigarette smoking is a widely used habit among many people. Cigarettes are a drug and it is habit forming, a drug that becomes a habit to its users. The problem here is that when God deems us to righteousness, people are using cigarettes the wrong way. They are using them to intentionally cause harm to theirself and other people around them, to draw smoke-bearing fire-breathing type of crowd around them, to attract and promote "hell raisers", to to raise agitation and tension in the environment, to get control of others by smoking, and to bring smoke and darkness.

Some people feel like,"we worked really hard to make a spirit filled environment with God's Glory surrounding us and why should you come with your cigarette and negative demonic thoughts to ruin it all?"
God doesn't want us to turn to cigarettes and drugs to get hep in times of our troubles. Job 5:19
says, "He shall deliver thee in six troubles:yea, in seven shall no evil touch thee."

and Psalms 32:7 says, "Thou art my hiding place, thou shall preserve me from trouble, thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance."

Then they say...Warning the surgeon general has determined that cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health.
They also say.... where there is smoke there is fire.

One lady came to me in tears. She told me how she she never smoked cigarettes, how she went to church and was prayerful and God-fearing all her life, how she stayed out of trouble in the streets and obeyed the Gospel. She also worked out at the gym and was on a good diet and health concious about taking care of her body. Sadly enough she said she was rejected by everybody that she met (men and women) because she did not smoke cigarettes. He mother smoked cigarettes for the most part of her life and (her mother supposedly being the guide in her life)persuaded all of her friends, family and organizations that the lady belonged to reject her daughter and look down at her and not be friends with her because she was not a "cool type cigarette smoking person." so the lady said everyone she met followed her cigarette smoking mothers opinion and all her relationships failed. He mother said she thought she was too cute to smoke cigarettes and she thought she was "Miss Ann and that she was better than others" because she didn't smoke cigarettes. Everybody the lady met in her whole life rejected her because of what her mother said about her not smoking. She met a lot of people. The lady told me she just stayed home and cried most of the time. She feels she doesn't have to smoke cigarettes just because her mother thinks it is right. She even got the same reaction from her christian friends. What Godly advise can I tell this lady?

Many people come to me and they claim that the cigarettes are helping them solve their problems and keeping their atmosphere cool, making people give them what they need.
Have cigarettes become so common and acceptable by people that they no longer seek the lord to solve their problems?
People are wondering-can someone with a cigarette be more worthy of the kingdom of heaven?
Please comment on all this.

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Woman of god this is a good question and you hit the nailon the headwhen you said that it is so common nd accepted among people. So I would like to share this: as a person who smoked for years I know that it is not acceptable by God because He told me so. It a form of idolatry it is burning of incense to other gods that a person hasset up for themselves. Idolatry is simply is the worship of false gods, sometimes by means of images. Anything that takes us away from the worship of the one true God (Romans 1:18-25) This battle for our salvation must be fought from within,we sometimes can and will be our worst enemies especially when we set ourselves up before God, we become that idol. Incense is used as a form of worship to send a sweet fragrance, we all know there is not anything sweet about the smell of a cigarette. I dont know if anyone ever going in to a house of worship smoking a cigarette? If we are the tabernacle of the Lord Jesus Christ we must present our bodies holy and acceptable to Him, We must understand that this thing is not about us it's all about Jesus Christ.If he can suffer the way he suffered for us and die,then we certainly should be able to put down the cigarettes. He is God is Jehovah M'Kaddesh- He sanctifies us, He is Jehovah Shammal- He is always with us, He is Jehovah Nissi-He is our victory banner. We are not our own and God is able to deliver and keep us let us not compromise the things of God for our own sensual desire and be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit.God Bless


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