Two single Pastors known each other for years past but reconnect at a funeral service. after working on a project together begin dating- often the two churches fellowship and are aware that their pastors have a relationship. Now After two years marriage has been agreed upon between the couple, however the church pastorships are an issue for her. Her congregation is smaller but more established . Pastor prior to her led for over 40 yrs, following his death no pastor in place for four years but she carried the pulpit ministry until the church asked her to accept the pastorships. Two other ministers both female. Strong deacon board six men. Third church built ten years prior and mortgage close to being burned. The congregation loves her and expressed concern about her leaving.

His church larger congregation younger more modern service. He had pastored for thirteen years, congregation adores him. Vision to pay off the building is physically coming to pass. The members of his church want him to marry to strengthen some the women's ministry of the church. He has four male ministers. Two elderly two middle aged men. Great people of God in both congregations, each church has struggles but they are different struggles

Thoughts have been:
She should come to the husband church, but cannot comfortably until another Pastor is in place.
He could Pastor both congregations

Do we wait to marry until a new pastor is located
Do we pastor both churches together
Do we stay at separate ministries

Thoughts please

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This is the perfect example of "Did God Call YOU To Ministry"?  If God calls, who shall YOU be listening too?  God or Man that is the question.  God call you to ministry or marriage?  God call you to ministry or your desire to marry?  Choose one or the other.  This is a perfect example of whom shall you choose, trust or just plain and simple.....FOLLOW.  God is not about confusion, nor is He the author thereof.  I say, WAIT on the LORD, not wait to marry, but to God be the glory, He gave choices so YOU choose.  Ask God not people, trust God who should be your first LOVE.


In Love Sister Denise

Thanks for your thoughts. God Bless
Thank you for your response, I felt so uplifted by what you said. We have prayed this thru for a year. After I wrote this, I had a patient at work, who I was visiting with. Without having ever met her r giving her my story. She said it was her anniversary married three yrs. I said Congrats. She says it was an interesting life because both her husband and her were pastors at different congregations. I said to my self. Oh Lord, I asked her how did that work out. She said that her church didn't want to lose her so the suggested changing the morning worship time and flip it with Sunday school. So they go to her church at 9 am for worship, and Sunday school starts at eleven His church has Sunday school at ten. and worship service at eleven thirty. So the couple goes first to her service. And then leave there and go together to his worship service. The congregations are twenty minutes apart. Pastor. What do you think of that? I love the idea of a possible merge. The issues at hand are my church s history is been there 60 years we built new church ten yrs ago. About 2 yrs from burning mortgage. His is a product of a previous merge. The Pastor of one church passed away and she asked him to take her congregation. So his church has been blended and he has pastored there 13 years. Just 3 for me. We do services together as churches. But worship slightly different. We are spiritual we believe in allowing the spirit to mandate the flow of service, but some what tradition flavor. His is more modern worship with awesome music but the Holy Ghost also moves the service in its order. Our congregation has a very strong Board of Deacons. Together would be amazing. I close with this, There is never a question of my calling. Or his. We have strived to make our callings and elections sure, and God will continue to lead us. No decision would EVER be made without much prayer consecration before our Lord. GOD bless. And again I'm encouraged by you. Thank you.

What is your vision for the church?  Has your vision changed?  God can change your vision.  Another words you will only go as far as you can see?  God willl often times expand your horizon.  As a leader/pastor of God's church you must have a vision in order to lead the people of God.  If you follow someone else's vision than you won't be going anywhere right along with your congregation.  Sometimes we can't see what is next and we are left with two choices:  1. Step out on faith.  2.  Wait on the Lord.  Eventually God will get you where you are supposed to be!     

Many options, but of course, as mentioned, seek the Lord. I know of a couple who married after they both were already in pastor positions,so they merged their ministries. Both are pastors together (Pastor and Co-Pastor). What she had and what he had caused something great. I know one of the concerns is the style, but even congregants have different styles of things. You both could possibly merge it, because God could very well be trying to do something bigger and greater than what has already been in motion. Yes, some things are done differently, but a common ground came be made and even merged in that area. I believe God allowed this for a reason to show that even in the most difficult situations, he can cause greatness.


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