One of the alarming signs of someone who has been gravely injured ,or is criticallly ill, is their descent into a coma. A comatose state is when those systems crucial to sustaining life ,are shut down, and not functioning, independently, at a level to sustain life. Usually in these conditions, one needs assisstance in breathing, maintaining an adequate heartbeat, blood preessure, and support of the other systems of the body. When one is in a coma, all systems, for the most part, have shut down and the individual has no awareness of their own existence, or the environment around them, even though they are still alive, still numbered in the census,and still have the right to vote. The dynamics surrounding the coma are internal, and only those who have been especially trained in what to look for ,and how to maintain and preserve the life of someone so afflicted have a knowledge of the actual factors that precipitated the coma,and the proper treatment.Sometimes the patient is deliberately put into a comatose state, as part of the treatmet plan, to preserve their energy, so that their bodies can heal, but then there are those who've suffered some sort of "breach" in the spirit that has rendered them "comatose", and non-prodctive, just like the legendary "zombies", who are, allegedly, the walking dead. From the horror movies I've watched, these creatures don't seem to know that their flesh has begun to decompose and decay, their skeleton is showing and that they stink to high heaven. Everbody else is aware of their "passing" because they know the undertaker did the embalming, and they were at the "home going", but the dead is of a mind to live , drain, and feast off of the living.

We see this same syndrome in God's house, where our leaders have,seemingly, fallen into a "coma", and seem to be oblivious to all the chaos and destruction all around them, permeatimg the household of faith, that they've been given the oversight of. They can't see that their flesh has been put on display and there "bones" are showing, which is a dangerous condition to be in, because once your "bones" are exposed and get infected, you're headed for an intense time of infirmity.Comatose people can't "see" aything, because they are in a perpetual sleep, and they can't hear or respond for the same reasons. Being entanglerd in a yoke of bondage is an understatement when one's life and calling get this out of control, because, many times, a comatose person is about to die, which is the final state of the physical body, and we have preachers in the pulpit, who've begun to have an offensive scent, and have begun to "look" like spiritual cadavers, but they're still preaching. It has to be a marvel to God, to see His servants so ensnared by sin and iniquity, rebellion, greed, and perverse lust, that they don't know that their flesh is hanging off of their rottening body, like "whited sepulchres", and that the very breath they expel , as they expound and declare the Gospel that they haven't allowed to ressurect them.These comatose servants don't realize that they can no longer "hear God", because that's one of the ramifications of one being in a coma. They don't know that the people of God are coming in "jacked" up, and leaving out more traumatized, because they just witnessed a dead man/woman" preaching, and now they've go to deal with nightmares!

These comatose preachers are still functional, but not for long, because should they not repent, and turn away from their transgressions, they 're very close to needing a "respirator",and other lfe support systems,because the Lord is simply not having it anymore. As one continues to sit and try to receive from a comatose preacher, that same spirit of heaviness, ritualistic worship, and "lip service" will flow out to the people of God, and you will have a whole "comatose" church,full of unevangelizing, half-dead, and half alive, unmotivated, uninspired, and discouraged , one dimensional, and robotic people. There are specific findings that are measurable, by the skillked, to confirm a coma, and it's progression, or lack of,and many of those things parallell the Church of God, spiritually. A comatose preacher will demonstrate a"faintness" of heart, and worship no longer breathes the breath of life in them, so the "worship" they breathe out in return, has the same effect, while they're still preaching. They have no zeal, and the absence of the abundant life is clearly obvious, as they keep right on preaching. The comatose need someone to "clean up their mess",because they have no control, and don't even realize that they are making a mess. The comatose lose their ability to speak, and they waste away physicallly, and many become just "skin and bones", but I'm sure, that in their minds, they still have "weight", much like a comatose preacher who you could never convince that they were losing their weight of glory, and becoming weak as a "voice" or "mouth piece" for God! They think they'e saying something, when in fact their "trumpet" has been, pretty much silenced and can bearly be heard.
Comas are often reversible, and some people just come out of them, suddenly, and one can say that they "came to themselves", while others wind up with an unfortunately large amount of coma related complications, and others die. Neither of these have to be the case for the servants of God whi know how to accesss and appeal to the "ruwach' of God, who always makes a way of escape.He has provided us an exit door, if we call upon Him while He's yet near, and seek Him while He can be found. We can not afford to have our preachers minds locked in the captivity of a spiritul coma, because they are our "watchmen", and if the watchman sleeps, we will suffer "break ins", and much trespassing of our lives. No one has ever awakened a coma patient by shaking them, or even smacking them, because, there's no evidence that they can feel anything, but the effectual fervent prayers of the rightous, still availeth much, and can awaken that comatose preacher, and restore his soul.


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Vain Babblings,Amen!!
I have seen fruitless, lifeless, thoughtless messages preached as the people shout amen to their own detriment. I have seen those that flood the altars week after week seeking some type of spiritual jolt only to be disappointed AGAIN, by these comatose leaders. Those in the congregation have been so trained and attached to the atmosphere created by their Pastor that they don't realize that something is actually wrong with him. They drink the kool-aid of his sin tainted messages and think that it is a weekly life giving element. I think that the Churches have become valleys of dry bones as the people continue to go through the motions week after week. Sometimes all I can do is cry when I think of what is happening right under our noses. The building is on fire but many want to stay inside as it burns to the ground. When you try to rescue some they push you away and accuse you of not being a team player. When you sound the alarm you are considered to be an outsider who is intruding on their territory. No one wants to be awakened out of their dream of institutional bliss. The foundation is cracking and the building is no longer inhabitable yet the people continue to build upon it.

Lord help us all to realize that you are the only sure foundation and that the straying away from the truth through comatose leadership is the path to destruction. Help the people to take off the blinders before they fall into a ditch with those leading them astray. I can not keep quite as I see the utter turmoil and spoils of the spiritually dead. Some want to be saved so Lord help us to reach them and for those who are content with life on the dark side, do as you will do Lord.


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