We as christians do have to speak up and out about certain issues. And firm. Im on this certian christian site and one of the person said they were a wiccan and darkwitch. I wondered why nobody else said anything or confronted this sister. yes i humble myself to show the love of God first. but I was called stupid and others told me to appoligize to her thats her belief. these were christian people saying this. Then I cried loud and spared not. Im sorry we cant accept the devils mess and we see it right in front of our eyes. people are scared of confrontation. WE JUST CANT ACCEPT ANYTHING. Elijahs confronted jezeebles false prophets on Mt Carmal. you cant be no whimp for God., Mark my word you will have to confront things sooner or later . I love you in the love of God

Bro. Rock~ servant and son

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If everybody agreeing with you then you got problems sound like you did the right thing. Keep it up!

Amen! If you don't stand for something-you will fall for anything. People especially in the Body of Christ need to see that there are those that will hold up a standard for the lord. We must hold up the blood stained banner and forge on in the army of the Lord. God's eyes are everywhere and He knows those who truly are sold out and genuinely love Him. Keep the faith and be encouraged in these trying times. God is ever present. God Bless !


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