From what I have learned, denominations are parts of a whole.  The denominations of a dollar, for instance, can be 4 quarters, 3 quarters - 2 dimes - and a nickel (you're getting the picture). 


Sooooo, the KJV speaks on the whole: rams were whole when used as a sacrifice and placed on the altar (Exodus 29:18); our WHOLE HEART - we praise the Lord with our whole heart, we seek the Lord with our whole heart, we will observe God's law with our whole heart, we will keep God's precepts with our whole heart (Psalms - throughout); when the whole head is sick, the whole heart is faint (Isaiah 1:5); and, what about our whole body being cast into hell? (Matthew 5:29).


I am looking for more understanding:  The more we learn about God's Word, the more we seem to be separating ourselves instead of being lively stones as a spiritual house for God to inhabit on earth.  Christ is the Cornerstone.  That creates a WHOLE...


Well, I'm still learning.  Anyone want to respond? 



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Sis... I can appreciate what you are saying... I do believe that there is but one church... and Christ is the chief cornerstone... we are all stones IN this building and what you have should be added with what I have and what the other child of God has and we can come together... thus, there should NOT be denominations in Christ.  We are to be many members but ONE body... I believe splits come because of rebellion and create division... it should be the other way...


thanks for posting this... it has sparked my thinking...


I came to certain conclusions about the rise of denominations while I was wrestling with the 14th chapter of Romans and its implications for the Church. Paul admonished believers to be tolerant of one another's differences of opinion... instead we divided into denominations. We just couldn't abide those glutinous brethren that could eat all things (or was it those faithless brethren that could only eat herbs?)! Since you esteem all days alike, and I observe holydays, how can we have fellowship? "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" we told ourselves.

And finally, we made these matters of conscience a type of shibboleth, so that we even questioned the salvation of anyone who didn't spout the right doctrinal positions. And Paul's teaching began to fade away:   Who art thou that judgest another man's servant? to his own master he standeth or falleth. Yea, he shall be holden up: for God is able to make him stand.

Denominations were created because people had difference of opinion which is not a bad thing NOR is it sin.


We are all FIRST HUMAN so we do have minds to think for ourselves.


The issue lies when we start telling each other who is going to hell for this and that.


I'm a lifelong member of COGIC but I would not say that FGBC was going to hell nor the Methodists nor Catholics.


My job is to live the best life possible so that Jesus would not be ashamed of me being His witness.


I leave judgment in the hands of the judge- Jesus.

I understand what you say regarding "judging" MarQ.  However, we have not fully understood our role as the church when it come to judgement.  Read 1 Corinthians 5 and 6.  It Paul telling the Corinthian church that there is someone who is fornication and he must be judged.  Judged by what?  Judged by the Word of God and not by the law which is unjust and of the world.  In fact, Paul recommended that they put the fornicator out...

Fornication is something different than having a difference of opinion.


Fornication we KNOW is sin.


But if someone has a difference of opinion (based on scripture) in regards to the sabbath why fight over it?


If you want to have service on Saturday and serve God in all truth and holiness then do it.


If I want to have service on Sunday and serve God in all truth and holiness then I should do it.


It's not worth losing my salvation nor soul over.


Understood.  Are we, as Bible believers, have the right to exhort another believer (usually a carnal Christian) according to the Word of God?

A carnal Christian, yes that is our job to watch and pray for one another.

By all means if you see a brother or sister going wrong then pray for them and speak to them, however make sure it is in love and not condemnation.


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