Of all the things in the human heart, anger can be one of the most intense, destructive, and unhealthy emotions that we can experience. If not handled in the proper way, it can have drastic life-changing consequences. Anger may be caused by pressures of work, family or even from being the innocent victim of another’s wrong-doing.  Left unresolved, anger creates an intense desire to destroy something.

Regardless of the reason for anger, the Bible has answers on what causes anger, examples of good (righteous) and bad (unrighteous) anger and how we should deal with it as Christians. Our earnest prayer should be that God changes our heart as we allow Him to mold us into a vessel fit to carry His gospel to the world.

I ask that you please share your thoughts about anger and tell us how do you allow the HolySpirit to change you and rid you from having outbursts of anger. 

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Anger is something we must really pray about our bible tells us that Jesus was slow to anger we as the body of Christ must walk in the wisdom and will of God knowing that all things work 2gether for the good of those who seek the Lord.. we must learn that anger is a spirit a demon that can only be controlled by sincerely developing a personal relationship with thd master

Anger is something that we all encounter from time to time. There is nothing wrong with being angry, the problem lies with how we deal with it. Becoming angry gives us the opportunity to grow, and to forgive. We enjoy the benefit of the atonement of Christ which is come to undo all the error in our lives, be it little or much. Anger is not an evil. God did not give us an emotional trait only to forbid us to have the emotion. It is a tool, a tool and a test that will advance me further in the arena of sonship if I deal with it properly. I can rise above my feelings, deal with the anger before it spawns resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness, and the like, and transcend to a higher level of consciousness, for I will learn that it’s not about me, but about us all. We are one. If I condemn my brother for his offenses, I condemn myself also. If he is not healed, neither am I. Anger is something that you cannot prevent, but how you handle yourself through it is of great consequence. Paul said, in Ephesians 4:26  Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Neither give place to the devil. He said be angry, but don’t sin. Don’t give place to the devil. How do you give place? By letting the anger to linger, by entertaining the emotion. So he says, in the following verses, “Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath”. Get angry, but deal with it right away. Dealing with what made me angry is not dealing with the anger. Deal with the anger first, and after you have done this, then you can deal with your offending brother. Just because you’re a Christian does not mean that you won’t have to deal with anger. Being a Christian doesn’t change what you deal with. It changes how you deal with it.

Great answers about Anger. God gave us this emotion, but intend for us to master the emotion just like we have to master every other human characteristic.  Jesus became angry when the Pharisees were selling in the temple.  This was righteous indignation.  Yes, God admonishes us to deal with our anger - even get to the root of the cause of the anger because many times anger is caused by selfish ambition, desires, etc.  In essence, we must obey the scriptures and take everything to God in prayer - and that includes our emotion called anger.  


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