1cor.1:10-17 these scriptures talks about how their is so much division in the church of Corinth.It is the same now as then but worse.we should be united in the same mind,thought,judgment.instead it is all about self-righteousness and who can out preach,teach,and etc,etc.the love for one-another is not in the hearts of men,But filthy desires of a malicious heart!The Father is not please with way his people is conducting themselves!As it was in Corinth.men had put idols of their understanding in replace of God.They have made these things  they cherish and love in replace of his love he has gave us.Many leaders have been misled by traditions and false teachings.The body is divided into many parts and scattered.The order of the church is not their no more.Men has discontinue the 5-fold ministry and put in their fold.A lot of christian's leaders are mixing up callings and desired positions and not knowing their functions or office in the body of Christ and saying it alright for what we do!i have attached to this letter some information on the 5-fold ministry.you can email me for comments or future fellowship.e-mail is robt110475@yahoo.com or call me at 469-274-7988.May God bless you in Jesus Name Amen...

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