can a christian divorce and re-marry for any reason?

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He sure did sis. Yeah, there were lots of false teachings concerning not marrying. I believe Yahweh has his children's best interest at heart. So, if his children wants a mate, then they must ask for it, and then put in the work to get it. Faith and works.
OK Brother, sometimes I think people forget that God knows us inside and out, and HE knows what each of us need, and when we go boldly to the throne of Grace and HE abides in us we can ask for what we will.

We just have to remember to always acknowledge HIM in everything that we do.

Paul, the Torah, churchfolk, do not supercede the Power of God, HE can do what he wants, bless who he wants, and allow what HE wants.

You have not because you ask not.
concerning this, i was ministering last two weeks sunday on the topic "The Heart of Man" and i came to find out that the question i throw to the floor was too difficult for the people to answer. The issue goes like this:

There was a young man who had money and all you think of a man can have and a time came that this young man got married and was staying with the wife and his brother in thesame house. One day, the woman called the husband and demanded that both of them should divorced. the man was surprised, the issue was very difficult for the man because he somuch loved the wife that he could not divorced rather than finding the root of the matter on what makes the wife to think of divorce. He called on his own brother and was telling the brother that his wife is asking for divorce that the wife no longer love him anymore. The brother was shocked and the man told the brother that if he find out who is going after the wife that makes the wife no longer have feelings for him he will skin the person alive.

Funny enough, a day came that the husband planned to travel, he left the house for travel and something came over him that he ran back home to collect something that he forgot. when he entered into the room the wife was taking her bath, as the wife had the door opening she started calling the husband brothers' name that the boy should come and take bath with her as usual, that let both of the catch fun as usual because the foolish husband has gone to travel. The man was shocked to hear that and the man started crying in the palour. The woman never knew the husband is in the palour. so the woman ran to the palour and was still calling the husbands brother name. When she opened the door she saw her husband crying and immediately the woman started crying as well.

Now my question is this. If you are in the man's shoe what will you do to your wife? Also, what will you do to your brother as well?

Think of this very well and reply me as well for i need to continue on the topic and i will like you to add the spirit of God as you write me.

The bible says "Iron sharpen Iron"

God Bless you.

YP Ben


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