Do Christian women have a right to dress sexually provocative and say that the brothers need to control themselves? Can we truly dress how we want to dress?

Many young women wear this during church services, in the choir and doing their so called praise dances.

It is my believe that we are not to become a stumbling block for our brothers. Many sisters are quoted as saying that is his problem if he can’t contain his lust and we already know that some men’s minds are going to go where they are going to go.

According to the following scripture can a woman truly excuse her sexual dress and provocative behavior. Should a Christian woman wear anything that may cause her brother to fall.

For the record I am not talking about brothers who would be tempted by anything walking but those who struggle daily because of being exposed to underdressed women, media overexposure and so on.

Romans 14:13 KJV
Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother's way.

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Praise the Lord, Jesus' word says to GO Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

We hate the sin, not the sinner
AMEN, we hate sin and not the sinner.

I don't care what a person has done we are to Love them and share Jesus with them. I think that we as Christians have to radiate Christ in every way so that those watching can want what we have.

I never hear sinners saying that they don't want to be saved because of the harsh teaching but I always hear the unsaved say that they don't see a difference. They see the greed gospel and they laugh at us.

They see the homosexual preachers and they taunt us. It's all over youtube how sinners feel about what they see in the church and this is what hurts them. Many are scarred by the scandals.

One young lady on Youtube was hurt so badly by the church that she made sure the world knew it with her videos on youtube. She talked about how her Pastor sexually molested her as a teenager.

So it is not the word driving sinners away from the cross but the very people who are suppose to teach and nurture them. It's the never ending scandals that are causing the unsaved to run away from the church.
No it's not the word, but the attitude reflected by those giving the word can run people away! and I've heard that many times, THOSE MEAN CHRISTIANS, THOSE HOLIER THAN THOU CHRISTIANS, THE SELF-RIGHTEOUS, there has to be a balance.

When one ministers outside the church you can see this.

We tend to confuse the beginning of the faith journey with its entirety.

Yes, believe in Jesus—that's the first step.

Yes, invite Jesus into your heart as your personal Savior.

Then, empowered by God's grace, embark on the journey of discipleship, in which you seek to love God with every fiber of your being, to love your neighbor as yourself, to live out God's moral will, and to follow Jesus where he leads you, whatever the cost.

You have to catch the fish first before you can clean it!
No one that I know tries to clean the fish before catching. I continue to say that my words about Christian conduct are directed to the people that are so called Christians not to new converts.

When you hear people say holier than thou Christians they are usually speaking of those that don't practice what they preach or those who Calls for Obama's head on a platter rather than praying for his soul, etc. (Hypocrites) People calling themselves Christian but acting Like sinners.

Again, I am not talking about winning the lost with Christian assault and battery. New converts is a whole other topic. People who have been going to church for years but continue to Live wicked and sinful lives should know better. Those are the ones I am speaking of. What's so funny is the SELF-RIGHTEOUS ARE USUALLY THOSE WHO HAVE JUSTIFIED THEIR SINS and have declared that they are righteous in the sight of God despite their sin instead of humbly going to the cross.
Sister Evangelist Altha Fugett, there you go again taking things out of context. I never said that there is no sin in the church or that I went to a perfect church. I talked about a church full of un-repented so called Christians that are living in sin. And no church is suppose allow the stronghold of sin to come in the midst of the church. Look at the churches in the book of Revelation, almost all had problems of sin and because of this Jesus warned these churches that he would remove them, if they did not repent. As a matter of fact only one of the seven churches was promised to escape the Great tribulation (the church in Philadelphia) because they lived holy, they kept his word and did not deny his name. This church did none of the things to anger God like the others did.

Again you are twisting my words, where did I say that if a woman had a baby she is a whore? I said that this is the proof that she is a fornicator, if she have the baby out of wedlock. I understand that you feel sorry for these young people, I do as well, but if we feel sorry and don’t tell them the truth they will continue in their sins and perish. I tell them with love that they must repent of their sins or they could be cut off from God. This is the truth: For if God spared not the natural branches, take heed lest he also spare not thee. Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God: on them which fell, severity; but toward thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise thou also shalt be cut off.

When people come to God they have a lot of baggage from the world, if they are taught properly they will let go of this extra baggage. The baggage can be sins, conducts, weights, anything that is not like Christ has to go. This is called denying yourself, taking up your cross and following Jesus. If they did this they will go to a place of death to self. This is the sanctifying power of God working in a persons life. God uses the cross of Christ to separate us from all these worldly things that come out of the world. Our baggage.

This is called “the preaching of the cross of Christ” which we preach. 1 Corinthians 1:17-18...For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel: not with wisdom of words. lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect.  For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

God bless,
Brother Banks
I agree with Evangelist Fugett. AMEN.
My brother, I agree with most of what you said, however, i'm curious as to where you find a scripture that says "come as you are?" And if you find it, does it say "Stay as you are?" no it does not...That's a cliche' that "christians" use to do their deeds...

First you must understand the history of "Christianity" and it's purpose in Ha shatans plan to deceive the very elect of the Most High as well as those gentiles that would dare to accept Yah's son Yahshua. You are correct in that those caught up in the snare of this pagan religion make all kinds of excuses for dressing in an inappropriate manner. Scripture says "as in the days of Noah, so shall the coming of the son of man be".

That is what we are seeing today..

Christians (or should I say pagans) said the "law" is no more = There is no accountability on the part of any persons for their wrong doing.

It's a "personal relationship" = Therefore now there is no respect for any person that would teach the truth that comes from the word of Yah because it's their OWN relationship (not scriptural) christians don't want to hear that there doing wrong and preachers (pimps) don't want to teach it.

This is a very good post because even some of the responses show that there is no consciousness of what being set apart (Holiness) is.

Funny you mentioned other false religions as to how they TEACH there women to dress...the interesting thing is that they teach out of the same 'BIBLE" that christians claim is their road map....but you have a 50% or more divorce rate, out of marriage pregnance running rapid, sin in the camp and don't get me started on false teaching...

How much of these things do you know or see going on in these other religions....some maybe none, or very little...those who profess christianity have been systematically misled by a pagan religion to turn away from Yah's Torah and the true essence of Setapartness.

"as in the days of Noah, so shall the coming of the son of man be".


Praise the Lord Saints!!!

I feel when we come into a church setting there should be some stipulations of how we as sister should dress. Our Goal in mind when we come to church It's all about being a Holy example before the People. We are still in our Flesh and yes Flesh intends to act up if you don't keep under subjection through fasting and praying..We have all kinds of people in the mist and we have to be very careful not to temp anyone.. I know some may think well it's the male fault if he can't control his feel..true in some cases..BUT... we have SOME sisters in the bunch know exactly what they are doing... showing breast, thighs, and legs.not wearing a one wants to see your thong........OOPs.. sorry to go there...... hey church isn't a club or a lounge where everything goes on..

The bibles states in Romans 12:1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

I know someone spoke on the Old Mothers back in the day... It's sad to see that our Young sisters isn't being taught... how to really dress when you come into the church...No we are not judging it's all bout keeping the Sisters looking like Holy Sisters ..and not coming in looking they just got in from the club..etc..etc............. What ever happen to Sisterhood meetings???? We still have those meeting in our church..... and yes we are learning alot...
Thank you Jesus!

Amen! Preach!
LOOKING? Holy, When I minister to women and men in TDC all dressed in white, pants for the women as well, they all look the same.

We know the saints by the fruits that they bear, patience, longsuffering, gentleness, meekness,.... the devil can look just like us! it is more to it than LOOKING Holy.
I agree there is more to then Looking Holy.. come on now..and Let us stick with the subject...... let's put it where it is..... I'm walking in Church with a very very low cut blouse on where you can see my breast/nipples...sorry to go there.. but i'm going....and as I bend over and pickup something i drop.. opps one of them came out... first all all I know better.. Because My moma taught me better... so shame on me..... Do I need to go on further......etc..etc..etc...

Because back in the day... even though we have sisters that weren't saved trying to get saved.. we still had standard of how we should dress when we come in the Lord house.. the Mother s taught us and taught us well... thank God for the TEACHING..that i rec'd

When it comes down to church... SOME people feel that anything and everything should be loose and fancy free... Statement "God say come as you are" symdome has rreally been taken out of context... The world has it's own way....that fine and dandy... But when It come down to the church.... Hey.... Let it be Holy In all Matters..
Believe me Evangelist, I understand what you are saying, and I agree, there is wrong understanding of come as you are.

Now the scenerio you depict is of a woman that has problems, I see her as a great opportunity to minister God's word.

and let me say, maybe so you will understand where I coming from. Because yes, I agree the word has got to go forth however I have seen ones wrapped so tight in you can't wear this and that in here, that young people were afraid to come in.

Jesus said suffer(allow) the children to come unto me, for such is the kingdom of Heaven.

What does Holy look like? the world has to see us differently from them, are we dressed in patience? think about how long it took for you to come in, and now you want these babes to do overnight what someone had to pray you through?

do they see us dressed in love, meekness and gentleness, or do they hear us saying you look like a whore and a pimp

do they see us attired in longsuffering? are do they hear us saying "put them out"

do they see us wearing joy? are wearing frowns on faces, aren't we suppose to sport a hat of peace? or are we stressed to the point that we can't do anything but complain.

Yes, Holy has an appearance, we are to reflect Christ, to those jean wearing, zoot suit wearing, saggin pants, mini skirts, high heeled children.

You know what? when they see what Holy looks like, they won't want to hear those false prophets, because they won't see love in them, they won't support those false prophets, because they will understand that love is free. they will come as they are, but they won't stay as they are, because they will see what Holy looks like.

Now yall are free to fashion police, but it's souls that I want to see set free. I wish a nipple would pop out!!! so I could allow someone to see Holy in me.


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