This is a very serious situation. Why is this so frequent in many churches?

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When you say "church" are you referring to the place of worship or the body of Christ?
Hello my friend Chaplain Pat Harris, Thanks for your question. I was referring to the place of worship.
I certainly adore your views.
When I was a child, my former Pastor molested, raped and hurt so many people that our church split 100 different ways. I was traumatized for years. My mother wasn't saved, but my sister and I were and always went together. Our Pastor tried to lure me up to the church alone by offering me a job after school. The holy ghost stepped in and put a road block and protected me. At the time I didn't know what he had done.

When the elders of the Church confronted him along with some of the sisters that he victimized, I was devastated. I had a nervous breakdown and I remember my sister and a lot of other saints grabbing me and consoling me. I remember some of the sisters that he had hurt were screaming and crying. One young lady in our church was tied to a pole in his basement and molested from behind. She was only 12 years old at the time. This was sick and twisted and to this day, she wants nothing to do with the church. I felt like my world was crushed. I could not believe this was all happening. This man even molested his own children. He finally went to jail where he later died, but so many people were hurt by this.

This is just the short version of the story, but to answer your question, when someone hurts people like this, they need to be away from children.
Thanks for sharing this painful testimony EW. I do agree, these Pastors as well as anyone who harms children should not be allowed near them.

However, I am still waiting on the answer to the topic's main question . . .Do Pastors Who Molest Little Children Belong In The Church?
So long as they walk in true repentance, I believe they can be in the church, however, I think it would be foolish to allow these people to work in an area where they were once weak. Just like if a brother was delivered from a lust problem, he still should not work at a women's health club where he is bound to see partially dressed women.

I don't believe they should be Pastors. They need to be delivered and even then, I would not want them leading me or my family. We must ask ourselves, if someone had a problem molesting children, would we as parents allow them to deal with them privately or publicly.
Thanks EW. I totally agree with your position that they should not be Pastors, and if I might add, we should encourage them to seek deliverance and Christian counseling and above all, pray for their healing.
Amen to that.
Thats just too horrible - God bless you and have mercy on his soul. God help the other little children too.
Wow. Just wow.
Wow ! While reading this, i actually could of seen what was happening to you. You explained it like it were yesterday. I'm very sorry to hear this. I hope you found peace within yourself today.
God has healed me and brought much peace, but sadly, many of the other young people and women who were involved have left the church, left God and have completely backsliden. My heart hurts for them and the many who suffered from this and continue to suffer. I pray that the Lord has mercy and brings them back to HIM.
They sure shouldnt be pastors any longer!
But what if they repent and have done their time according to man's law - are out of jail and on some kind of list.
He wants to come back to the church - is he to be forgiven? - Yeah!
But I think he should be watched like the dickens.

There was a man whose testimony was that his daughter was murdered and the murderer who had done his time - HAPPENED to visit the very same church that the murder victim's family now attended.
The father said this man stood before the church and told them that he had committed murder and needed the Lord and wanted to be saved.
The father said it was the hardest thing for him to do - but it was necessary because it was God's commandment to forgive those that asked for it. He did forgive him. Annnd welcomed him with a long hug.

Now if I were the parent *GOD FORBID* I would probably forgive him - but after he was put in the hospital and put in a deep coma.

But thats why it is impossible for man - but very possible for God. God can help saints to forgive and He can help saints to NOT ever to committ a certain sin/crime again. Those are the facts.

But I think the man if really saved would not want to EVER be around children alone again.
And it would behoove the church to assist him in NOT EVER being around children alone again.


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