This is a very serious situation. Why is this so frequent in many churches?

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Yes, I agree. He may belong to the church, but I would under no circumstances allow him around my children alone. I don't think it would be fair to them to test his deliverance on their innocence. It's not an issue of forgiveness, but an issue of wisdom.

I can forgive and love, but my babies are just too important to me. This man can have wings growing out of his back and a glowing halo over his head.....LOL.....but my babies would not be alone with him.....God has entrusted them to me and my husband and I would not even want to think of anyone hurting them.
Yeah - and not only that - the church I think would be held responsible if for some reason he is let loose around some child in a private area and something happens - they would be liable.
With the blessing of having a forgiving spirit - the church takes on the burden of WATCHING this man around children. Thats just the way it is.


Too many are too soft on these issues. I am sorry if I come across and being such a hard nose, but I have been through and seen so much happen in churches. People don't realize that this softness given to lawless people is what causes others to not want to be near a church.

As one sister put it, the church is the source of so much pain and this is the reason why many won't set foot in a church. Where is the pity for those that are affected by lawlessness in the church. It seems to be too much sympathy for those who practice sin and none for those who may be their victims.
...I am sorry if I come across and being such a hard nose, but I have been through and seen so much happen in churches...

You have nothing to be sorry for - I can only imagine the pain this monster caused you and your families and the others kids and their families. Shocking!!

Would this be a situation where this kind of person is handed over to Satan. You know Paul speaks of doing this. Who knows...
Not really sure, but he is dead now and has been for many years. He died in prison.
And you will not be wrong for doing that. You are to protect your kids.
That is the question. It happens very often where the pastor gets caught, talked about, then get puts back into rotation. Is it that his followers believe in him so much, that they just blow things over?
NO. If a Pastor hurts a littel child/person in this way. That person must forever sit down, and worship God. In NOWAY sholud that person for any reason, br around any child alone.[ Including there own]Yes God forgives and some people forgive ,yet forgiven does not mean forgotten. If that person was to assume pastorship again,nothing but mistrust , and discord will be about in that church.. It's about worshiping God and helping people to know God. finally when this happens that person becomes a registered Felone for life. If a church allowed this,I would find another church home. Where we serve God and not the lust of men/women
Anybody who molest children need to be in church because they obviously need the Lord! As fore whether they should be in a leadership position well, that also have an obvious answer. It amazes me that some people would spend hours discussing whether or not Hiphop gospel should be in church but would not spend a fraction of that time on a matter as serious as church leaders molesting children right in the church. I grew up in church and I remember when I was 11yrs one of the deacons who also was one of the drivers for the pastor, tried to force himself on me in the church balcony while I was waiting on junior choir practice to begin. I say tried because I have a very big mouth and I was never afraid to tell my parents when someone made me uncomfortable, although I look just the opposite, which made me realize people who do these thing always look for the quiet ones. As for hiphop in church, God can and will use whom ever he chooses, let's face it our children today relate to music, including hiphop music so why not let them listen to hiphop gospel music.
Yes, they still belong in church but they should not be Pastors any longer. They are suppose to start their works over. That means he should be stripped of all titles, repent, apologize to his congregation and sit down and hear the word. With alot of fasting and praying maybe he will get the people to trust him again. Then after that he can probably do the work that God called him to do. If God called him from the beginning. Pastors are human beings and as human we make mistake, really bad 1's sometimes but we make them. God forgives us all, but we must ask!
Sister if a Pastor is perverted enough to molest children it is highly doubtful that he was ever called by God. Even after he claims deliverance he should never be restored back to any type of leadership within the church. God may forgive him but anyone trusting him again with their children is just foolish.


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