God said that he would save a remnant,and that he would raise up a man for the hour, and that he would pour out his spirit on all men (Mankind) With that being said. Do you know who and whose you are? For if you do why are you still waiting for mere man / woman to validate you/ Arise!  Before it is too late and Jesus comes home to find that you stilll have the one talent he gave you or that you have hidden your light under a bush because you have been waiting for (mankind ) to valildate who you are when the Almighty has already stirred up your spirit and spoke to you in visions and drems and the voice of the Holy Spirit.  There is an old song that goes "I got a race to run and I'm running by faith, get out of my way; if you not go help me please don't try to stop me for when I cross that finish line all I want to see is my  Savior's face."  Do you want to see your Saviior face?  Then stop talking about it and be about it.  Go out into the highways and the headges for God indoctrinates you not man.  If you go by man you are going strraight to hell you can only go by way of God. That remainds me of another song.  And I quote "If God gives me a song and I don't sing it ain't nobody's fault but mine!, if God give me a prayer and I don't pray it ain't nobody's fault but mine.  So if God gives you a word and you don't tell it again it ain't nobody's fault but yours.  Now I am not tellin you to be disobedient to your leaders for we know that obdeience is better than sacrifaice , however re-think the word minister all ministers are not called to  the pulpit some are called to the hospital ministry the ministry of music, missionary, deacon, hospitality I can go on and on even cleaning the church is a ministry,street ministry. prison ministry but whatever ministry God has called you to do I beseech you to do it NOW! and do it in the name of the Lord making your election sure Be Blessed THINK ABOUT IT

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