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If you have a BOOK READY TO BE PUBLISHED Serious Inquiries ONLY... 2012 Is Running Out GET YOUR BOOK PUBLISHED NOW! READY NOW Files! Only $599.00 until 10/30/2012You will get: A Professional Designed Book Cover, Your New Book Will Be Listed Where Ever Books Are Being Sold, Your New Book Will Be Published To The WORLD &Your New Book Copy Right will be mailed to you! Simple Easy Steps: $200 will get you started log on then click on GET YOUR BOOK PUBLISHED complete down payment process, email your ready made files please leave all contact plus phone number(s) and I will contact you ASAP to begin your new book and within 14 to 30 days your book will be PUBLISHED WHERE THE WORLD COULD OBTAIN IT EVEN BY THE CLICK OF A MOUSE... You Are On Your Way To Becoming The Next PUBLISHED AUTHOR!!!! Congratulations on your NEW BOOK RELEASE

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Easy Steps To Publishing Your New Book

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  1. Please Include: Legal name on your state ID, email address, mailing address, title of your book, 2 phone numbers (the sooner you begin the sooner we can START YOU NEW BOOK)then we will send you all proper documents to give us rights to publish your new book. Our agreement also GIVES YOU THE RIGHT TO WITHDRAW FROM US WITH A RECEIVED 30 Day Written Consent Releasing us from ALL PUBLISHING RIGHTS.

    5) I am willing to put what I know with your new book and that is HOW TO PUBLISH & GET YOUR NEW BOOK AVAILABLE FOR THE MARKET!

  1. It is simple and EASY to Publishing with us: the full price is only $599.00 but we will allow you to make a $200.00 installment and pay the remainder upon you receiving your New Book. .

    7) Parice Parker understand the turmoils of self publishing well as the frustration that comes with coming into the publishing process. I can get Your New Book WHERE EVER BOOKS ARE BEING SOLD. So that you can begin establishing relationship with book stores to set up book signings. Stop Missing Opportunities for people to purchase Your New Book. Being an author is more challenging than writing a book because the real work becomes when your BOOK IS FINALIZED. Now, it's TIME YOU PROMOTE YOUR NEW BOOK ALONG WITH YOUR NAME. Spreading your name is the KEY to HELP MAKING YOUR NEW TITLE a GREAT SUCCESS. Where ever you go after We Publish Your New book will be able to make you money by increasing the sales of your book and also being able to do seminars, events, vending and so much more.... Follow these few EASY STEPS LISTED ABOVE to begin your New Book Publishing Process!


    P. S. We do offer editing services and each book is different please let us know because it will change your price but WE STILL WILL WORK WITH YOU! Mail Check or

Money Orders: to Parice Parker P. O. Box 922612 Norcross GA 30010

We Offer a 10% Referral Fee Please Tell Them To Include Your Name Whether You Publish With Us Or Not..... As Soon As We Receive Funds Paid In Full We Will Send You Out Your 10% Profit

In the publishing industry no matter who you are you must PROVE YOUR NAME OR STORY to gain the INTEREST of big publishers, agents or big book deals. This is the time to PROVE YOUR NAME & BOOK HAS THE POWER TO SELL. Traditional publishers offers advancement payments for your book and once they decide to publish it could be a year or two before your NEW BOOK reaches the market. Once they spend in advertisements and all their expenses promoting your new book which literally means when you SIGNED THEIR CONTRACT ITS NO LONGER YOUR BOOK because they will possess ALL LEGAL RIGHT to Your New Book. In addition, once your sells come they will SUBTRACT ALL Money they INVESTED including your ADVANCEMENT then the WHOLESALE PROFITS is what you will be left with. However, once you Publish we us Your New Book Is Your New Book you still obtain all rights and you can sell YOUR BOOK AT ANY EVENT YOU HAVE or are Invited to, plus you are STILL ABLE TO MAKE GOOD PRIFITS. And, as long as you want to continue publishing your book it can stay on the market. Traditional publishing companies only publish books for a season once they are done making their profits they STOP ALL RIGHTS TO PUBLISH! No More PRINTED COPIES! Making the choice to Publish with our company is The RIGHT CHOICE.

Parice Parker is a virtuous woman causing transformation to take place in many lives with the way she ministers, not by preaching but by her endeavors. She is a potent author with titles such as: Living Life In A Messed Up Situation 1 & 2, Word Wonders, Aggravated Assault On Your Mind, A Precious Gift From God and more. Perhaps, you are in the need to be inspired log on to our site and purchase the books of your choice and be encouraged. These titles are the seed of Fountain Of Life Publishers House which she is the founder. Through her trying writing journey she overcome many obstacles and now ready to help struggling writers to become published author's. Monthly we will up date our book store for our new up rising authors that has joined our team Fountain Of Life Publishers House

Do you have a BOOK TO PUBLISH... Inbox Me – Im A Key You Need Get Your Book PUBLISHED! Fountain Of Life Publishers House

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