We're formed in the image of God, and as Dr. Joel Wallach said, God doesn't have any of the diseases so why should we.  For a very long time Blacks were led to believe that because of our genes we're prone to certain types of diseases.  This is all a lie!  Diseases that we get are not a result of our genes, but are the result of nutrient deficiencies according to Dr. Wallach.  Dr.  Wallach says that if we feed the body what it needs, it will heal itself!  In 1971 Dr. Wallach said that Type2 Diabetes is not genetic and that got many people upset!  In 2005/2006 a Harvard Research Study confirmed that Type2 Diabetes is not genetic!  What happened to our people since then, many died from the disease unnecessarily!  Neither one of use received an email of phone call stating that Type2 Diabetes in Blacks is NOT GENETIC!!!  90 For LIFE and Sweet Eze reverse Type2 Diabetes.

Because of the 90 for LIFE and other natural nutrients I sent to Milton, my brother, with cogestive heart failure, diabetes, high blood pressure, he's has done a complete 360!  People in my country, Dominica, are amazed of his remarkable recovery.  My cousins, one in New Jersey and another in Tampa, both called within couple days of each other to discuss reports from a brother and a daughter on how well Milton looks! 

Reverse Arthritis, Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Sugar, ALS, MS, Eczema, Asthma, Narcolepsy and many more diseases!

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