Lately there have been a lot of noises from economists and politicians that the worst is over - and the economy is now stabilizing and beginning to improve. The stockmarket has even managed to claw its way back over 8000 points. None of this is surprising given that the Government has been pouring hundreds
of billions of dollars into the financial system. But it is all an illusion. There will be no true recovery - not for years. I continue to stand by my statements that we are in the beginning stages of a massive, long-lasting Depression. And nothing will stop it.

The good news is that this is going to perform wonders on our culture. People's values and attitudes toward spiritual things are going to change. The church will be massively shaken and purged.
All of this is a huge opportunity for God to get His way - to bring things back to what they are meant to be. But it is going to hurt.

The phrase "A Double-Dip Depression" has been on my heart for many months, so it is no surprise to see a temporary respite. But we need to be aware that it is simply an illusion - so we don't get lulled back to sleep and cease to prepare for what lies ahead.

As most of you know, from 2001 onwards I have been issuing prophetic warnings about this very time we are in. And from 2006 I became more and more specific that it was the HOUSING CRISIS that was about to turn into a Great Depression. Below is a timeline of these warnings - showing us what we should expect directly ahead:

SEPT 11, 2001: "The Horns of American financial power have fallen, have fallen..."

JUNE 2003: "Revival is going to come in the midst of judgments the like of which you've never seen, and God is going to touch your economy..." (-'Thundering in Nashville').

14 DEC 2006: "Let me make some predictions at this point, so
I can be clear about what this country is facing:
(1) Firstly, I believe it is IMPOSSIBLE to avoid Judgment...
(2) Expect a great economic crash - and expect it SOON. Without
this, how will this nation get its eyes off its great god, Money?
(3) Expect further CALAMITY. This nation is "running red lights"
one after the other. -That is what 9-11 and Katrina were. Things
are going to get much much worse before this is over. Expect
something to hit the West Coast - and expect it to be BAD."

MARCH 14, 2007: "Eight months ago we began to publish warnings
about the bursting of this Housing bubble, and the likely impact it
would have... I began to refer to this coming financial judgment in
my sermons, saying that in many ways it would be God's MERCY -
to shock us out of our complacency and apathy - and to cause us
to desperately seek His face...
And now here we are. March 2007. The sub-prime mortgage market
is in free-fall. The CDO market is infected. The Yen carry-trade is
unwinding. Housing is still sinking with no bottom in sight, and the
stockmarket has suddenly become very volatile. It is a slow-motion
train-wreck, and this is only the beginning. (-Keep your eye on the
DERIVATIVES and the HEDGE FUNDS. -These are the "insurers"
of the markets, and systemic danger lurks in their giant shadows)."

NOV 8, 2007: "I continue to stand by my statement of many
months ago that within 3 years this nation will be in a terrible
financial depression - possibly the worst that it has ever seen.
Right now, things are right on track to see this fulfilled."

NOV 2007, Wisconsin USA: "This is the last good Christmas
America will have for years....
"Here's my scenario. You can test me. You can remember what
I'm saying right now.... See if it plays out how I say. In six months
time I expect Recession in the United States. In 12 months time
I expect the beginning of a Depression..." (-AUDIO - 'Survive the
Coming Depression - Nov 07' on our website).

10 MONTHS LATER - Sept/Oct 2008 - The two largest Mortgage
giants in the world (Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac) fail, the largest
Insurance Company and the largest thrift bank in the USA both
collapse, Lehman Brothers goes bankrupt (almost taking the entire
financial system with it), Money Markets reel, the Investment
banking industry crumbles, and the stock market suffers its
worst-ever one-day loss, plunging 777 points in a single day.


BACK-TRACK - 31 JAN 2008: "My strong belief is that, particularly
in America, this crisis is going to be WORSE than the GREAT
DEPRESSION. And it is going to last for YEARS. Other developed
nations, such as England, Ireland, Spain, Canada, Germany and
even Australasia, are going to be very hard-hit also. China, India
and much of Asia will be pounded at first, but I believe will recover
faster.... I believe that Christians in America need to face the fact
that they are about to live through one of the WORST 5 - 7 year
periods that this country has ever seen by far. And they need to
be preparing NOW."

OCT 2008: "I am convinced this ‘breaking’ is not merely financial
in nature. It is also aimed at the church, the media and the culture...
We are about to see another “Great Reformation” of the church. In
fact, it has already begun." (-From Andrew's book, 'SURVIVE the
DEPRESSION', Oct 2008).

OCT 2008: "When I was down in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina
there was one Spirit-filled Fellowship that was “thriving” in the midst
of the chaos. They had filled their sanctuary with food, clothes, and
emergency supplies of all kinds – and they were ministering to
hundreds... I cannot tell you how important this is, if we want to
“thrive” – not just ‘survive’ - through this current crisis. This is one
of the absolute keys... So will you be a “light shining in the
darkness” during this present crisis, my friends?" (-From Andrew's
book, 'SURVIVE the DEPRESSION', Oct 2008).

20 DEC 2008: "The WORST of the slump is set to last for... 7 years."

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Please forward this email to others. It is vital that they continue to prepare.

Thankyou and God bless you all.

Andrew Strom.

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