Hi Guys, I am writing a discussion to inform you that drugs are on the horizon, especially  heroin. I want to inform you that just last week, my grandson's father got busted for having heroin in his freezer. he  was living a double life, and since I have custody of my grandson, I allowed him to spend time with his father, not knowing that he was a drug dealer. I read the paper last week, and saw his name in the newspaper, front page of the news. I had no idea, but I will never let my grandson, whom I have custody of go near him, ever again. Just be careful and watch out for the ones who you thought, had his son's best interest at heart. I was surprised taht he did this, and leading a double life. I feel so bad, because the boy could have been there, when he was busted. he only see's him maybe twice a year, and I did not know that he had this going on. I actually trusted him on some level.I am an RN instructor, and a crisis and recovery nurse, so I won't be fooled again.

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