There Are Atleast 26 Duties Executed by Apostles -

By Apostle Chiffon Foster

Apostles need to know the duties and functions of the apostolate in order to faithfully discharge them. Here are just SOME: To gather (we gather people for the purpose of teaching, training and mobilizing them to fulfill the purposes/plans of God); To impart (apostles have an ability to impart spiritual graces to the saints); To order (apost...les bring order and government to the Church); To judge (apostles bring judgement and correction to the Church); To reform (we bring the necessary change to the house of God); To Build (we are wise master builders); To bring revelation (we bring insight to the Body of Christ concerning the plans/purposes of God); To father (we birth, protect, teach and mentor); To lay foundation (we lay foundation in the lives of God's people; preparing them for coming moves of God); To Initiate (we are catalysts for new moves of God); To establish (we help establish truth, revelation, churches and new moves of the Spirit); To legislate (we issue orders and Kingdom decrees for the Church) and we convert (we convert people to the laws and culture of the Kingdom). ~All of these have scripture references; I just didn't have the room to put them all.

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