The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Monday was the Baptist Women's World Day of Prayer, where the Metropolitan Baptist District Women's Auxiliary is part of the organization. It was a beautiful event with women coming together praying for our sisters in Christ around the world.

This is an event that I enjoy attending because there is power in prayer, the need for prayer, and Christian women being unified in making supplication for others the world over.

Just a few days before our event, by Christian brother from China informed of their world Day of Pray and asked me if I would pray for the countries in Asia, and wouldn't you know the prayer countries I was assigned to pray for was Asia Baptist Women's Union, which included some of the countries in his prayer request.

The commonalities from listening to different countries, and their prayer requests were that there is a need for prayer because sin and evildoers are everywhere. The message to Satan is this: we are going to tear your kingdom down. A line in this song is Satan, "we are going to pray your kingdom down." Satan, you may be riding high now, but get ready; your fall is near.

Our most effective weapon against evil is our fervent prayer to Almighty God and, who is a God of justice and in His time, punishes all injustice.

Therefore, pray on, keep the faith, because God is on our side. He is the warrior who is fighting our battles.

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