The other night I seen in adream a pool surronded by woods. In the dream we were in deep waters and at time under waters. The children were playing ball in the water. I leaped out of deep water to retrieve the ball that was thrown in deep  in the woods. As I was running back to the pool God gave me eagle sight I started moving in slow motion. The Lord said do you see the wolf at first I did not. But the vision kicked in. I leaped in front of the children in the pool and said stay in the water. This wolf was darting through the woods very quickly. Then I noticed there was not just one wolf but a dozen wolves in the woods. I stood in the way of the wolf and the children in the pool. The wolf launched at me I moved to the side  he landed in the water. Now all the time the children were in the water so was the enemy. When the wolf landed in the water. The enemy we were unaware of came alive and took the wolf by the neck straight to the bottom of the pool. Strangling and killing the wolf.

sometimes the enemy creeps in the Church with the children of God. He comes on purpose. you need to be able to iscern the times. After while they will destroy one another. The enemy coming against you and the one around you will kill one another. 

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Are you a Christian?
Fred?? Phelps u need to be delivered! Everything God created he said it was good. Satan is that you?
Fred the Lord Rebukes you with a thousand rebukes!!!!! Watch out you may wake up in hell with that little hateful spirit of yours!!!!!


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